[Archive] My Necromunda


I was going thru some old stuff, and I found my converted Van Saar Necromunda team. They were VERY dusty, so ofc not used for a long time. I have just forgotten them.

I took some pics, and thought I share with you guys.

These were the coolest models, in my opinion at least.

What you think guys?


And here is my display board:

To bad I don’t have time to play Necromunda, it’s a really fun game. Going back in the closet I guess, at least for now :frowning:

Da Crusha:

wow those are sweet!

which parts did you convert?


Its nothing huge, but most of them have new weapons, and some have new heads. I used Van Saar, Inquisitor and Sisters of Battle models. With some small changes and conversions it looks alright I think.


Love Van Saar. Definitely reminded of the little conversion slip of paper included with the game that features that Assassin converted into a Van Saar leader.

Necromunda rules! Well done. :slight_smile:



Awesome stuff… and glad to see a Necromunda post. Your whole diorama set up is impressive to say the least! Real like the SOB models also.


Looks great!

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Tnx guys for your kind words:).


Different take on Van Saar. They’re well painted.