[Archive] My new army, from the Black Fortress


After some postive feedback to my introduction post, I thought I best start an army blog.

Here is what I started off with, after a trip to Warhammer World:

And here is a WIP shot of the first selection:

Command is almost finished, but I’m not sure on the skin for the drum. The first 5 troops are done fairly basically. I’m aiming for a table top standard as that is the amount of my skill really.

In addition to those in the photo, the basic metallics are done on another 5, which I’m hoping to detail tonight.

As for the future, my plans depend fully on the Forge World release schedule. I’m aiming to get this first unit done by the end of the month, so it’s done ready for the next thing to be released. If nothing is, then I am tempted by the magna cannon as my first warmachine.

Hope to have more for you soon.

Thanks for reading.


like the design of your guard, i think the steelish metal colours fit perfectly with the brass- bronzeish, and the red is a classic :slight_smile:

this unit will turn out beautiful!

concerning the skin of your drum, you could just use the skin colour of your favorite slave-race ( mine is green :wink: ), i don’t think there is much of a supply of regular cattle in the dark lands… on the other hand, that would probably make bog-standard leather as we know it quite a rarity and therefor maybe a sign of status… just some thoughts.


Looks good! For the drum, Id go pale flesh…


Ah look, your own blog. Good man (:

And what Tjub says.

Ghrask Dragh:


Looking forward to this blog!!



Looking good!

Drum skin -> what Tjub says :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep them coming!


Brass and steel always a good combination and human flesh is good for the drum skin, as “Tjub” said but don’t listen to him about hats


I really like this colour scheme. Nicely executed and I look forward to seeing more of them. I’d not noticed before but the helmet of the guy front right in looks remarkably like the Grey Knight terminator helmet.




Thanks for all the comments folks.

I’ve got another 5 mainly done, making me upto a unit of 13. With another 10 to go. The idea being I can add a character to make it to a round number of 24. That is of course resting on FW releasing one of those nice looking engineer models.

The reason the bases aren’t done is I am waiting on some magnetic bases which I can then make a nice movement tray.

@Vogon I hadn’t thought of the helmets in that way. I’ve got a space marine force, so I should have at least tried some of the heads on the bodies before getting carried away and assembling them all ><


Nice stuff!

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No update on painting yet sorry. The bits I needed for the movement tray arrived, so I’ve put that together using gale force 9 bases, flexible magnetic sheet and some plasticard. Once I’ve added sand and painted the edges and bases, it should look ok and be practical.

They have lined up better than I thought so far.


Very slow progress on this log I’m afraid (including distractions by the Space Marine game and my 40k stuff)

Still got 10 IG to finish, but I managed to work on the movement tray and paint the bases on the troops done so far.

The gap is for the Hellsmith I’m waiting on to arrive.

I’m now waiting before I buy anything else, for the book to become available.

I know I want Drazhoath the Ashen and the two foot characters, which I will order as soon as they become available. But for the rest I’m not sure and so am waiting on the book.

One question I have though is how to go about making the larger bases look good, whilst still having an “ash waste” theme. Fairly easy on the small bases so far, grey, dry brush light grey, done.

Seeing as how the list is from the Black Fortress in terms of fluff, I want to keep it ash related, but away from anything involving lava. It’s close to the river and what seem to be marshes on the coast, so some form of ash/wetland type thing?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow the iron looks great, goes nicely with the ash bases. Those infernal guard seem to be extremely tricky to rank up properly.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Your metal recipe looks like Boltgun Metal washed with Badab Black with another layer of Boltgun. No?

Grimbold Blackhammer


The models look great and you’re extremely modest about your skills! Those are far better than the average tabletop standard.

However, I find your models to be a little bit “lost” in the grayness of the bases… You should add more details: skulls, grass, lava, etc. etc.

Keep the good stuff coming!


Thanks for the comments.

@Grimbold Blackhammer - Spot on, although I like to use a black wash in the darker bits and use a devlan mud wash as well over the metal to tone it down a bit. I’ve avoided highlighting with mithril silver as it looks too harsh against what I want to be dark troops.

Hellsmith was on the matt when I get in last night, must say the detail on such a small figure is pretty amazing. Hope to get him done at some point over the weekend.

Glimpse the Void:

I thought those models looked good in the forgeworld picture but you have truly showed me how awesome they were. Wow, I’m glad to see how rad they are, but now I kind of hate you for making me want them.


Well had some fun painting the hellsmith. I will admit, I wasn’t too keen on it when I first saw it and (as a space marine player) was more excited about the boarding marine.

Up close and in hand, it is a fantastic sculpt. Just hope my painting has done some of it some justice.

Here he is filling the gap in my first unit:

Still not finished yet, but getting there slowly.

@Skink The ash base works better in RL, with the matt grey and the metallic armour, but I might try to highlight it up a bit more, or darken it down?


Long time between updates, but have been focusing on my Astral Claws. However I recently got theTamurkhan book and this spurred me on to get my first unit finished:

Now it’s done, I can think about the next piece I will order on payday at the end of the month. Since seeing the wonderful new Fimir figures (and for a reasonable price!) I’m thinking of getting a unit of 6, which can go on the hunt for slaves with my Dawi-Zharr. Before I saw the Fimir, I was thinking a warmachine would be a good addition, so maybe a magna cannon as well? They seem to be the best out of the two cheaper machines (most likely facing VC and or Dark Elves when I get round to playing)

Kera foehunter:

Its always seams when your building a great army it goes so slow !!

But that just the way it because the final unit will be so kickass!!

Love the boyz