[Archive] My new project: A demonic bear


I’ve had an idea for a demonic mount for ages but never got round to doing it … until now! Got a free box at my local GW this weekend for spending 25 quid, and what did i get but Tsar Boris of Kislev? So he’s becoming a chaos lord on demonic mount (or whatever it becomes in this new list)


updates will come


very very cool! you need to make the bear more daemonic and evil as well as the rider


Now that is an awesome idea for a Chaos lord mount!  You really should add details onto it though to reinforce that its a chaos lord ontop, and that its daemonic.

Some armour plates from GS would look good, there’s armoured bears in that Golden Compass film.

Daemonic bear bits could be done more subtly in the paintjob? Maybe a few spikes here and there?

The lord could have a trophy rack or back banner to show his allegiance.  A fancy back banner would look really nice.

I’d also think very carefully about the basing.  This could be a focus point of the army, so its worth going all out.

Kera foehunter:

great idea  add a large chaos shield.maybe get ride of the rock and put a knights body there on the bace.


great idea add a large chaos shield.

Kera foehunter
SHIELD! SHIELD? this is khorne, its another weapon or nothing :)

cheers for interest, I've worked on some back banners, the original model has slots for those two wing things, so I'll fix something there


I plan to do that, except that it would only represent a daemonic mount and wouldn’t have any mutations of anything


nothings scarier thaan bear cav

Lord Archaon:

Got a free box at my local GW this weekend for spending 25 quid
Why am I living in Latvia ?!!!!!! We don't have any GW stores. :mad

Cool idea about converting the bear into the chaos mount. I would suggest to give him spike on his back. Then hi'll look more "chaosy". Like in NWN2 or WoW.
Here take a look:

:hat off


I plan to do that, except that it would only represent a daemonic mount and wouldn't have any mutations of anything

Thats similar to where I'm going, mainly because I don't think I'm good enough to pull it off well, but also because i just love that model and don't think it need tampering with too much. I'd like to see you take though, what god you making it follow?

O ie and Lord Archon, thats a right cool idea, i might try something like that but abit more subtle, cheers


Mine is completely godless. I decided to hold off buying anything until the new Mortal Chaos book comes out. The idea is Chaos without any Chaos Gods involved, with maybe a few Slaanesh daemons, but it all depends on what happens with the rules.


Thats really similar to the idea I had but more northern with knights riding sabertusks and chariots pulled by Rinox, alas Khorne demons tempted me away then abandoned my army. I thought about Malal for a while but the lack of demons made me think again, not an issue now I suppose. sorry I’m going off topic, can you go off topic on your own thread?

More or less finished the conversion and now started painting so more pics should arrive swiftly and comfortably. But having said that work does seem to be conspiring against me

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good idea, good catch on the model and why aren’t there any WIP pictures, mister? :smiley: Problem with an army of Malal is that they’d be trying to kill each other as well because they hate Chaos THAT much. My reactions to the WoW post were: OH… MY… GOD! My mate had just been looking at that mod yesterday :smiley:

Ingrown, I guess you can go off-topic, unless you had no topic to begin with :smiley: But, it doesn;t matter because you made it.


and why aren't there any WIP pictures, mister? :D P

Hashut's Blessing
yeh, Pics might be delayed as I thought taking my camera to the pub was a good idea for pics of student life, now it's dead, it is an ex-camera, it has joined the circus invisible

so Yeh im going to be 70 od quid less well off and you lot won't be getting any pics until probably middle of next week.

Sorry anyone who was waiting on them

Kera foehunter:

see you should of had a shield and you would still have a camera lol

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ha ha ha. Kera is right. Beserker frenzy is not good for keeping things intact :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

so what color are you painting the bear


black/dark brown for bear fur, its coming on a treat now, no camera as of yet.

Fixed a weapon for the other arm, got some back banners sorted