[Archive] my own chaos dwarfs and hobgoblins


ever since i found the unoffial chaos dwarf rulebook i’ve been working on some chaos dwarf models. i don’t really have that much time to sculpt the proces is really slow.

so far, i made a warrior and a blunderbus, and i’m working on a bullcentaur.

the warrior


and the bullcentaur so far.

i’ve also made a couple of hobgoblins. i used empire flagalant bodies and weapon hands, old skaven speartips (although i have no photo’s of those yet, daylight is scarse in the netherlands at the moment). i’m not yet sure about the shields. the one with the bow has an empire militia bow.

WIP bodies

task master for a rabble unit (if i ever make one)

hobgoblin with bow.

this is a size comperison shot of how large my Hobgoblins are, an old nightgoblin is also in the shot… the hobgoblin in this image is a mockup i made with some random bits i had lying around:


I prefer the flagellant version, The double whips idea is cool, double the impact for a single model.

The skulls in the helmets are a novel idea. If time is an issue have you considered looking into casting? (not for profit obviously). We’ve got a large number of people casting on here, more so than any other army specific forum than I’m aware of.


yup, when i saw the flagalants i instantly knew they would be the models to base my hobbo’s on. i’m not yet sure if i’m gonna sculpt all my hats with the skulls in them, i’ve also got some try outs with other bits (ranging from 2 marauder drum halves to cities of death spikes). i have thought about casting, but i’ve never really tried it. especialy for hats and blunderbusses it would be an ideal method.


Looks great so far

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Kera foehunter:

Great army so far and some great green stuff work


thanks to the fact i don’t have to work in the weekends, i can take pictures with daylight.

i have more or less finisched the front rank of my hobgoblin spearmen unit, and made an additional one with a bow.

i also made photo of a few work in progres models, some hobgoblins, some chaos dwarfs.

later today i’m going to buy a new box of flagalants, i need at least 20 spearmen and 10 archers.

black hammer:

some of your hobgoblins shields seem a bit small. Is that on purpose? Your CDs look great, I like the standard bearer at the ends hat. It’s really pointy looking.

centauro enano:

The blunderbus is cool, :hat off


awesome hobgoblins. flagellants really can be used for almost any conversion.

I agree with blackhammer, using the thunderer/quareler bucklers look puny on dwarfs. And on flagellant/human size models they look even smaller…


some of your hobgoblins shields seem a bit small. Is that on purpose?
i'm still searching for shields that look good, these seemed like a good idea at first. but they are to small for a spearmen unit. i guess i'm gonna need goblin shields or something simular, do these come with or without icons on them (i don't want my hobbo's walking around with angry moons on their shields)


Never seen flaggelants used before so this should be cool. Although the heads look a litte big. But, they should look better with paint on them. :cheers

Kera foehunter:

great job on the hobgoblins!!love the guy with the long bow


Mmmm like it…

succes hé met je leger


i’ve changed the shields, i found some square goblin and round dwarven shields and they fit the models a lot better. i’m also sculpting the faces, beards and hats some of the WIP chaos dwarves (banner bearer is almost done) and the bullcentaur. the goal for now is to make a first rank of all four WIP units (hobgoblins with spears and with bows and chaos dwarves with handweapon shield and with blunderbusses) and one or 2 heroes.


Looking good! Show us more pictures!

The hat with the skull looks very original. I like your hobgoblins, they are big :smiley:



I Like your really big Blunder blusess, really cool :cheers

Like the flagnat Hobgoblins, looks very nive, and also your green work looks cool, I like the hats with skull

check out my Cd blog and conversions, i have made bull centaurs with Boars too, could help you on your work http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=5358


the hobgoblins are one of the simplest conversions one can wish for. you only need to put a little ball of greenstuff inside the head of an old nightgoblin. when that is dry, fill the gap in the neckarea with some greenstuff and scratch some lines in it to make it look like cloth from the nightgoblins hood. my spears are a combinations of skaven spears and flagalant weapons, but for handweapon schield models you could just use the flagalant arms and glue some shields on them. musician and banner bearer bitz are all in the flagalant box.

my blunderbusses are also quite easy to make, glue a thunderer buckler on a dwarven handgun, fill the area between the triggerhand and the buckler up with greenstuff. make sure the shape of the barrel is like a cone and nicely round, done.

you’re boarcentaurs look very nice kerbak. i tried to fill up the furr as bulls usualy don’t have that wild furr but they actualy look fine with the furr (and it saves a lot of work:))

the problem with pictures is that i take them with my cellphone. it only gives nice photo’s with daylight and during the winter it’s dark when i leave for work and dark again when i get home. so i can only take pictures of progress on saterday or sunday (or both, when i’ve really done a lot of work;P)

black hammer:

the problem with pictures is that i take them with my cellphone. it only gives nice photo's with daylight and during the winter it's dark when i leave for work and dark again when i get home. so i can only take pictures of progress on saterday or sunday (or both, when i've really done a lot of work;P)

Just get a really bright lamp. That should solve the problem.


i’ve tried a lamp before, but it screws up the colour (for painted mini’s that is… it could work for greenstuff work). the other thing is that progress is rather slow, i can’t do large ammounts of greenstuff work at the same time because i work from 7 am till 5:30 pm (on avarage). so i start with greenstuff before dinner (making the rolls for beards and stuff like that) and detail them after dinner, giving the greenstuff some time to dry. after that i’m usualy off to my gaming club or a bar or somewhere else for a :cheers

anyway, since it’s saturday, i have some updates:

first, some photo’s of the almost finished blunderbuss champion and the warrior banner bearer,

i made a start with the champion for the warrior unit… although he might even grow to become a hero in the army. the arms are attached with greenstuff, so they can still be reposed later.

a minor update on the boar centaur.

and the hobgoblin spearmen front rank with it’s new shields. (which turned out a lot better now)


Well the six-pack Hobbos got some real good trainers in their CD mine;)

Awsome GS works & a nice idea with the flaggelants bodies!

Could you tell me where the Battlestandards hat came from?

:hat off