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Chaos Dwarf

Special Characters

Blood Beard, the Fallen               355 points

M  3

WS 7

BS  5

S  6/8

T  5

W  3

I   4

A  4

LD 10

AS 1+

Once considered to be one of the most respected of the dwarfs, he was cast into exile when the Dwarfs discovered his terrible secret.

During battles, Blood Beard had secretly been taking many dwarven warriors as slaves and sacrifices for the chaos god, Khorne.


   Blood Bread must be the army general.

Follower of The Blood God

An army led by Blood Beard the Fallen may include Bloodletters of Khorne, or Fleshhounds of Khorne.

[align=right]Khorne�?Ts Blessing (baced off obsidian

talisman and chaos lord marks of khorne)[/align]

Blood Beard, the Fallen is treated as a chaos lord with marks of Khorne, in addition he is unaffected by spells.

[align=right]Blessed Armor of Khorne

(based off of Armour of Gazrakh)[/align]

Blood Beard has a 1+ armor save that cannot be improved.

[align=right]Axe of Burning Blood

(based off of Black hammer of Hashut)[/align]

+2 to strength. A flammable model wounded by Axe of Burning Blood is slain automatically.

Exiled Dwarf

Because of his exile, Blood Beard hates all dwarfs except Chaos Dwarfs. In addition, if Blood Beard is battling dwarfs, chaos dwarf warriors persue on a 2D6+1 instead of the normal 2D6-1