[Archive] My plans for my Chaos Dwarf army


My plans for my army are to base it on classic figures but also to include some of my own conversions for characters and unit champions.

The models i have are:

15 Chaos Dwarfs with axes and shields (12 are classic plastics. The command group is converted)

10 chaos dwarfs with axe and shields (classic and coming in the post)

I hopefully will get the 4 blood bowl chaos dwarfs from games workshop to use as death rocket crew. No idea what to use for the death rocket any suggestions?

ps. I thought this might be useful it’s the Chaos Dwarfs games workshop still sell:http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?WCI=Menu&WCE=Search


Sounds sweet. Can’t wait to see some progress. :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Get some pictures up of what you already have. As for Death Rockets, try the Organ Gun and I suppose GS smaller-than-most-people’s rockets into the barrels… The other one could maybe be a cannon with a larger-than-most-people’s rocket in. Just gets some variation and they’re, as of yet, unseen by me!


You could always go the “We got it from Cathay” rocker/firecracker approach with a battery of fireworks.


Thanks for the replies I think I will green stuff rocket ends and use spear shafts as shafts for the rockets and use the dwarven cannon with the chassis cut down as the barrel and have a rocket pre loaded in it ready to be fired with a few on the base next to it. As to the pictures I want to get a few models painted before I post any and to achieve that I need to spray them which I can’t do because of the weather which is thunder and lightning at the moment where I am. But hopefully it will clear up by Sunday so be expecting pictures then.