[Archive] My Rules for the 3rd Edition Mortar

Pyro Stick:

I dont think i spent as much time on this as the others. I just found it on my computer.

Mortar- 60 points


* 0 5 6 6 4 0 - 9

*See text

0-2 mortars per unit

The crew wear heavy armour and have two hand weapons

The weapon is sometimes inaccurately referred to as a petard. It is a weapon manufactured and employed by Chaos Dwarfs, comprising of a relatively light weight mortar firing a black powder bomb.

The mortar can be lifted and carried about by it’s crew. It can be carried a maximum of 3 inches per turn. The weapon cannot move and fire in the same turn. If it has a full crew of two, the weapon may fire every turn, provided it hasn’t been moved. If one of the crew is killed the mortar can only fire every second turn as one crew has to do the work of his slain companion.

Mortars have a minimum range of 18 inches. And a maximum of 36 inches. When firing simply nominate a target model or model in a unit and roll to hit using the Mortars Ballistic Skill. When a hit is score, place the small template over the target model. All models whose base lies even partially under the template automatically suffer D6 strength 4 hits.

If the shot fails to hit, roll an Artillery dice and a Scatter dice to determine the direction of the mortar bomb and how far it travels. Whenever the dice rolled is a misfire, roll a D6 and consult the misfire chart below.

D6 Score Result

1-2 The barrel has cracked and the weapon is now useless

3-4 The mortar was loaded wrong. The mortar fails to fire and the crew must spend a turn correcting it.

5-6 The mortar explodes, destroying itself and causing D6 strength 6 hits to any models within 5 inches. When being used with the Juggernaut deal this damage to the crew in the tower platform below