[Archive] My ST Display in someone else's You-tube video!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I found this on You-Tube today. It’s my pictures in someone else’s video :


I’m a bit upset, but hopefully he won’t remove my comment. It adds to my “publicity”.

This is what I posted for him :

Thanx for putting my pictures of my Star Trek kits from the High River Public Library in your video @ 0:18-0:38 and again at 1:21-1:36, but next time I would appreciate it if you credited me, or at least contacted me before using the pictures.

Trevor Ursulescu - Monster Hobbies, High River, Alberta, Canada.

I also added this :

I know you’re just trying to “Share the Love” of building and Star Trek, but next time be careful. My pictures are copyrighted at FOTKI and these ones were on it.

I’m more “open minded” than most others, so I’ll let you use them, despite the fact that I’m angry with you for not contacting me first. But to let you know, others might not be…so be careful!

Live long and prosper!

P.S. Post some you built for a change!