[Archive] My Star Trek Model Kits @ the Library!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi everyone!

I have recently been busy building models for a Star Trek display at the local library here in High River, Alberta, Canada.

Have a look!

Here’s the start of my Star Trek display at the High River Public Library. The display will run from January 4th 2010 until February 15, 2010.

This picture shows the preliminary set ups of the windows. I thought I brought enough kits to fill the top shelf, but I soon found out I needed more.

These windows are double shelved but measure 8ft long. Therefore 16ft worth of stuff can fit in them. Wish I had some of these at home!

This picture shows my little poster. It reads :

Join the High River Star Trek Experience!

Read about the adventures in the STAR TREK novels at the library and then create your own stories when you build the Star Trek model kits at Monster Hobbies!

All the model kits in this display were built by Trevor Ursulescu, owner of Monster Hobbies.


Visit the store Monday - Saturday 9-6

127 3rd Ave. SW

High River, Alberta

(403) 652-5019

I wrote this before I was informed that the Library only has 4 Star Trek books on hand and their only 1 novel was floating around somewhere in transit between two libraries. In the end, it wasn’t much of a showing for the books. I printed three of these sheets…one red, one yellow and one blue.

When I discovered that my TOS display wasn’t enough to fill the showcase, I decided to go home and get all my TMP - ST III models and fill the top portion of the case. I also brought my 1970’s issue phaser toy down to put beside the U.S.S. REPUBLIC model.

This also allowed me to change the books around so that the more “Futuristic” ST series wouldn’t be in the same space as the TOS stuff. That also allowed me to bring a few pages from the FJ Tech manual down there to show.

The library was specific in only allowing library books to be on display, so I couldn’t bring my own…but 1 page from the book is different. Therefore I brought a page showing the FJ Destroyer and the Tricorder.

I also got to make a few little cards to put in front of the model kits describing what they were.

Here’s the new display showing the TOS models and book along the bottom shelf, right where the best kits can be seen by kids.

If you look on the top shelf you will find a book on how to make kids costumes from ST:TMP. The book is from October 1979 and is a book for borrowing.

Another view of the top shelf.

Beside the costume book is the original Vulcan Shuttle kit and beside that is the Bandai Refit Enterprise kit with fibre optics. The AMT EXCELSIOR is there too.

Here’s the other side of the top shelf.

The TMP Klingon and a TMP style Destroyer are directly above the TOS Klingon and Destroyer models. I did this to show the upgrades of the two ships.

Also, the ST TNG book and Deep Space Nine book are there as well.

As I was leaving the library after I finished with the window, I overheard a few teenage girls talking about the window. They semed to like what they saw and they knew it was Star Trek. They were talking about the Spock kit. It was good.

Hopefully this display will help with some publicity. I’m even talking about what to display for the next time!

Hope you local guys can check this out sometime soon! :wave:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Aww very nice collection. :slight_smile:

The TMP Klingon Destroyer (K’t’inga Class, IIRC) was one of my favourite models ever. Even though I painted it in a horrible olive colour, back when I was a little beardling, like 15 years ago. ^^


I love that Destroyer Design… can you still find AMT/ERTL models in your area… I have been looking for the defiant one for years locally and cant ever catch a break.


Nice stuff. I like the display… but why in a Star Trek display in a library? Aaaaaaah, North Americans…  ;D


Wow that is cool. I wish they had a Star Trek display in my library and more GOOD books for that matter.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

@ Servius - I have a few of the model kits avalible in my hobby store. AMT is re-releasing a lot of them, including MR. Spock. Actually, it’s the first time he’s been out in 40 years.

@ Bassman - I was the one that suggested a Star Trek display and the head librarian didn’t say “No”, so all is good! :smiley: Just wish they had more Star Trek books.

For the next display, I am going to build a whole bunch of Dinosaur models. There should be more books on that.


For the next display, I am going to build a whole bunch of Dinosaur models. There should be more books on that.

Tarrakk Blackhand
Yes. Yes there should. I've been ]


For the next display, I am going to build a whole bunch of Dinosaur models. There should be more books on that.

Tarrakk Blackhand
Great idea, my 3 years old nephew would be happy. Last time I met him we played all day long, I screamed "Dino" followed by a big roar and posing like a dinosaur! He screamed at me.... so funny! lol He likes dinosaurs, indeed. :hat off

Tarrakk Blackhand:

All the dino models are snap-kits, so I should be able to do a lot of them in a short period of time.


Tarrakk- Awesome Dude!


Cheers to the finest public library display ever!


Great models love the old D7 class :slight_smile:


pretty models, i’m only sad not to see may favourite; the defient class ship :smiley: