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baba yaga:

here are some pics of my stunties[attachment=67][attachment=68][attachment=70][attachment=69][attachment=71]

I know it isn’t the best quality, can anybody tell me how to influence their size

I have CD’s with helmet (from the chaos warrior spue) and some with sculpted masks, you can also see my stab at a deathrocket


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


baba yaga:

some more pics [attachment=72][attachment=73][attachment=74][attachment=75][attachment=76]


they are just awsome!:hat off

i love the bull centaur, it looks great:hashut

oh and i love the shields, the look of the regiment as a whole, the beards, the cannon, the… well i could go on until i’d labeled everything there:P

if you’re looking for constructive critiscism dont look at me!:h

Lord Archaon:

Great job baba yaga!:cheers

I like your warrior unit and the bull centaur.:slight_smile: Is he made from the Archaon Horse?


Yeah, those are very well done Yaga! Like how you just changed the angle the cannon is aiming at, it works very well.

Have a drink on me! :cheers

baba yaga:

the BC is made from a centigor with his face removed.��The death rocket is made from leftover pieces of a vanilla dwarf organgun.


Great job baba, some of the pics are a bit blurry though.


Your bull centaur is my new favoritest thing ever! I never would have thought about using centigors - it’s very cool indeed! The death rocket is also very creative and I like how your beards are not all uniform (ie they have different braids and such). Dang, I don’t really have anything critical to say…

Traitor King:

Gah, my only ciritism is the picture quality! i cant see your great looking models well enough!


Very nice indeed. Get a better camera and I will give you even more praise for Hashut :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

Very very nice. Spiffy looking Death Rocket. I thought at first glance it was an Earthshaker. Where are the shields from?


I’d love to get a closer look at the designs on the death rocket. Looking very good so far.

The shields are the details that you stick on Dark Elf warrior shields.


I really love the deathrocket, could you talk me through how you did it. Humiliating sight of a small dwarf in a huge hat begging and pleading

baba yaga:

the deathrokkit is a cannonbit form the vanilla dwarf cannon/organgun line (I also own a dwarf army) glued on sprue edges (you know the stuff you throw away) covered in GS.��On the rack I just bludgenned the GS wit the back of my sculpting tool, on the cannon I created “faces” with a toothpick.

the “rocket” head you can see is a cannonshell from the same sprue.

Current projects :

-I’me painting my sorceror on mechanical legs, remeber astragoth;

-coverting the balrog into a hashut-deamon beast thingy, will be the mount of my general and count as a great taurus;

-BB made from thunderers with their shields stuck to their guns (not happy yet)

pics comming soon


Thanks, a side view of it would be useful too if you wouldn’t mind…