[Archive] My wip chaos dwarfs

jumpingcrayfish :

hi I’m new to the site and this is my first official forum i was hoping that joining will help me complete my on going CD army. I recently bought some of the infernal guard from warhammer forge but since i prefer big hats i am in the middle of changing the heads and trying my hand out at sculpting faces (which i realize is a huge task).

I am also in the middle of converting up some bull centaurs because since warhammer forge hasn’t released any yet and the older ones are quiet hard to find and when you do there very expensive.  

Anyway these are the models i have converted so far:

One is my bull centaur champion and the other is my bull centaur taur’uk with crown of command.

I will be posting more pictures of my other work as soon as i get something significant and advice or criticism is welcome.

thank you all


Good luck with the army and welcome to the forum!

Its kind of hard to make out the models on the pics… But as far as I can tell they look good.

jumpingcrayfish :

sorry i’ve been reduced to taking pictures with my phone because my camera has been taken by my sister on holiday i will get some proper pictures as soon as i can.

thank you


Very nice buddy.

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Welcome to the forums! Very nice Bull Centaur, may I ask how you made it?

jumpingcrayfish :

I used chaos juggernaut lower bodies the upper body of a black orc a black orcs face quite abit a green stuff (shield was made from a small circle base with green stuff and i used the shield the bull centaurs carry in the new book as a starting point) i still want to put beards on them but i always have problems making curly beards for big scale models (so any advice would be more then welcome)

thank you all for the comments im gonna be going down to my local club tonight for a vets night will try and get some more building/ painting done!!