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Hello, I’ve been prowling about watching everyone else making progress with their evil dwarves. I’m hoping this can help motivate me. I’ll be uploading bits and pieces of my WIP army over the course of the week, but to begin I have my Chaos Lord on “Taurus”…

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



nice one, what is the model you used?


Its a bloodcrusher, with daemon prince wings and shoulder pads , and minotaur head, while the Lord is a “dwarf”-ed marauder, using an 6th ed Chaos Warrior head.

Next up, tomorrow, will by my twin earthshakers.


Very nice model.

The minotaur head fits pretty well (better than I thought). I think that many people will steal you the idea:) Far better than the jugger head with only horns.

I’m hoping this can help motivate me.
Good luck dude!

We all have to be ready for the FW released:)


This is my list of what I currently have going on… 99% of it will be converted… I can’t bring myself to pay those ebay prices and its otherwise difficult to get the classics.

Lord+Taurus - assembled and primered

Blunderbuss (25) - converted and assembled

Earthshaker A - converted and assembled

Earthshaker B - converted and assembled

Hobgoblins (36) - conversion in progress

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower - bits and pieces

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders - bits and pieces

Bull Centaurs - bits and pieces

I’m supposed to get from a friend of mine some 25-30 of the big hat greataxe dwarves… the metal version of the plastic ones. He had just that unit for a while and had no use for them.

Anything else I need I’ll likely fill out with an order to Warhammer Forge whenever thats all released. I’m not too sure how I should fill this out list wise, so any comments would be appreciated.


I'm hoping this can help motivate me.

I am fairly sure it will. Once I started uploading and showing my work (as bad as it was), I was motivated to a paint more, and show more. So good work for starting this blog.
I'll be uploading bits and pieces of my WIP army over the course of the week,...

I am looking forward to seeing more.


I’m with G.2, getting started is a great step (I know I haven’t). Nice to see such a great looking conversion.


Nice work so far mate, looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

Will definitely watch this.



Nice conversion and good use of parts, though the base doesnt really do it for me…


Great idea for a conversion, and the minotaur head works really well for the job. And the wings look way more chaosy than alternatives.

Cool work!


Nice use of the jugger body, but am not completely sold on the pose, seems a little static for my liking especially on the back legs

any idea of an paint scheme


Looks very good. I like your great taurus really much.


Heres some more…(EDIT: As a heads up these pictures are posted through Dakka, and if you click on them and go to Dakka you can zoom in).

This is a WIP army…

This is my hobgoblin bolt thrower… made with a mageknight catapult, a couple legos, and some bits… the crew are skaven bodies with gnoblar heads…

This was my first earthshaker… made from some mageknight mortar, greenstuff, and bits…

This was my second earthshaker… made from the same bits… the crew for both of these are some cheap dwarf crew I found… they need some Chaos-ification.


Nice looking models, just a question about the last model, what is it.


A big scarry daemon fueled war engine…? Or do you mean what’s it made from?-Iron Monger from the first Iron Man movie…

He’s just a backburner project. I used it because some of the details reminded me of the details on the blood crusher and I though that it helped established it with a sense of shared chaos dwarven desgin.


not seen ironmonger as a model before, cool idea for converting him!

Glimpse the Void:

Bad Ass!

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Glimpse the Void:

Can we get more shots of your kollosus?


is he a kids toy put to good use or a cast model?


Its a toy… There is a 7" and a 4.5" version… mine is the 7" version. Toy’s R Us also sells them, they have a regular supply… http://cgi.ebay.com/Iron-Man-Action-Figure-Iron-Monger-/180665624063?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a1082a5ff

Sometimes you can find them cheaper, got mine off ebay for $2+$4S&H.


The smaller 4.5" version might be useful to someone, but as a “Koloseus” it’d be too small. There are also alternate versions of both the 4.5" and 7" toys that have it so you can open the cockpit and see the villain inside. Photobucket

I’ll put more pictures up of him, as I finish him. For now he’s a WIP. I’m maybe 75% done building/sculpting on him. I drilled out holes and pushed in dresser’s pins… to give the look of rivets. I’ve also been greenstuffing on a bit of texture to make his metal look less smooth and almost wrought Iron texture:

I’m also sculpting to improve the look of the ball joints at the hip. On mine I removed the shins and still have to figure out how to fill in the imperfect fit between knee and ankle. He has weapons to approximate a rocket launcher and a flame cannon.