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Fresh build, new house, i think that should be a new thread blog.

Right, after sorting out all one my stuff before moving house, i realised i actually have loads of the the BFSP dwarfs.

I’ve made some bull centaurs already, but i’m only about 50% happy with them so far, their legs need shortening and the whole thing needs bulking and chaos’ing up a bit.

Next up is the center piece for the army, the Kolosus, and for it i’m going to use this lovely kit:-

i think, i’m going to use all the bits, but turn it on its head completely.

Looking to make a ‘fat’ dreadnought for it.

any sugestions?

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



So, will it make something like a fat stumpy empire steam tank, that is just a little more steam punk? - the new angle for my army, as i do rather love steam punk. (without so much the Victoriana, with demonic inserted.)

The bits look good, problems from the start:-

1. it actually all moves, the cogs are designed to work the wheels - to leave them like that or to lock them for game play??
2. the areas above the furnace is full of ‘stuff’ - going to leave it all off and put a flat area above so that the CD can do stuff - inc a diver and a couple of gunners.
3. the wheels are a bit weedy, i think i may have to beef them up other wise it’ll look like its running on bicycle wheels, not very CD in my oppinion.
4. which way is forward? errrrr,… hmmm. I have concluded the left side of the top post is the front. Which means i need to build in a cannon below the workings, and another flat area above it for maybe a couple of spear launchers and blunderbusses.
5. the fly-wheel on the back right. i like it but man its big. I have had the idea of using it as a weapon as it rotates quite fast - shrink the wheel a bit and cover is like a buzz saw with blade, swords and axes and in the words of warmachine- 'weaponise it’
6. the exhaust, i think that in reality would be about 20 foot high in the minature scale, so i think that needs sawing off.

any advice of suggestions?

3rd party image, but quite good at seeing the areas i’m going to make the ‘works’ areas for the cd’s.

i think it could work. it just needs to be stumpier!


on a side thing:-

with a big of modification, this might make an awesome inferno Golem.


That looks like a Dwarvish version of Santa!


This steam loco look gorgeous! How much does it cost?

Could you place a dwarf next to it? Just to have a scale.

Yes, it’s a little on the weedy side. For this reason I would lock it and use beefier wheels. You also have to add spikes, Hashut runes and daemonic inserts (if you like demon possessed machineries).

If it was mine, the boiler and crancks would be perfect like this… I’d add a chimney like I did with my steam machine (a flared one) and big chunky wheels. Plus guns of course :wink:

Nice find for the golem/giant dwarf. I’d beef his hands, he need weapons! With green stuff I’d modify his beard.

I’m really curious what’s going on here :slight_smile:


Holy mother!! I’ve been looking for a steampunk style locomotive for my CD army… yoik!


I’ll sort the scale image when i find the camera again :-p


So, got a scale picture, here, one of our disgusting pure cousins (at least twice removed :-p)

and here is a marker on the box of my basic idea, pilot on a chair over looking, and a two level gunning and driving area on the top., and lots and LOTS of spikes around the place.

Thommy H:

Haha: please make it look exactly like that drawing.


that pretty much the plan, maybe a couple more CD on the weapons.


Bit of a delay with moving house,

but the steam tank is back on track, the driver is on it, no head or left arm yet, still considering which style to with, and for my odd push pins to arrive that are like tjub’s but a bit more stuntie :smiley:

I’ve just stopped so i can receive my order of Mantic dwarfs, to see how i need to mod my driver to make him look more inkeeping with the rank and file troop.

Pictures to follow when Royla Mail get their posteriors into the correct gear.


…and they’re here!

but the odd board pin’s i’ve found aren’t yet do no major conversions yet.

Tank driver now has a head, now he needs a crew. updates and pictures to come.

Also hopefully a mantic conversion thread with a simple couple of conversions to sort out the little problems i’ve found.


I’m a bit confused about what is going on with the back there. Are those spinning blades?


I'm a bit confused about what is going on with the back there.  Are those spinning blades?

Yeah, I was going to turn the fly wheel into a spinning bladed wheel. not sue i'm still going to now, it resricts the top area of the model.


I have my hats :smiley:

Do I dare ask… to big??


Clearly I need to add a suitable beard, scales, spiky the hammer a touch.

But I do like, they are growing on me., which is good as i have 280 of these pins - bulk orders only :frowning:


I’ll go out on a limb and say that, yes, the hat is too big. :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends though, you could always make it work with a bit of modelling, I am sure.


wondering with a bit of cutting i could get it to look right with a tjub as the base bit?


Modelling to enlarge the area around the head, and he’ll be chunked up with a large beard.


i don’t know now. :frowning:


I think it might just be ok, big dreads might make it look kinda cool


Sorry to say this … but imo the hat is much too large!

It looks silly! :frowning:

one or better two numbers smaller would fit much better!