[Archive] n00b Dwarfs!


Beware the quality of these pics, if some one could do me a favor and lighten up the photoes

that would be very helpful.

Only one I have complete, although I added some new stuff to him since these photoes.

Feel free to ask questions, more to come later when they get completed.


Why are they all red? Did you put your finger over the flash?

Looks pretty cool from what I can see, but it’s a little blurred and red. o_o


Umm yes, twas my fathers Digi Camera and I couldn’t figure it out, lighting was bad. JUst primed the bugger, and he looks much better, should be painted fairly soon…


Hmm… I don’t know it just seems like alot of work for a result that could have been achieved with an exacto and a head swap… Maybe better pictures will shed some light on what they really look like.


Alright I already embarked on painting him should be done either tonight or tomarrow depending on my time constraints, mind you bad pics right there, the next wont. All I need to do is paint the hammer grip, the top of the hat, and highlight and clean up any messes.


nice its still red paint it and show it


Its me again, the model had been painted for some time, and I had completed a standard bearer as well, i’ll get some pics up soon, and I apologize for my asbence…


So you should…

Welcome back though, looking forward to seeing your work :cheers


Once I can get my hands on a camera, tonight isn’t good because I just got back from a track meet, but anyways the model that you see above has undergone some changes. The beard is still iffy but I hope you like it, should be able to get pics tomarrow. I’ll put up the rest of what I have completed too.


Then quit stalling and get some better pics up.

Kera foehunter:

I like the red lighting .It make him look like he in a brothel. he he


Alright guys, heres some horribly bright pictures, and I found a few issues with it, going to repaint the mask so it doesn’t just blend in, and add more shading/highlights. I’ve become a better painter since this, but am proud of what I did. Excuse the brightness… and I ran out of super glue…

back view…

front view…

side view…

side view number 2…

the brightness doesn’t give my efforts the justice, but I am retarded when it comes to cameras. C&C welcome!

Kera foehunter:

i think he cute i do like his turben.Im not good with a camera eather .


I quite like the weapon/staff.


by looking at the pics, I saw some problem areas with the model and went back and started to fix him up. His beard is much better, as are the highlights, and I added the sign of the Dawi Zhaar to his shield (I found out that my free hand wasn’t all that bad) and have been just trying to make him more, well better.

I’ll get some pics soon, but having to repaint the bathroom isn’t helping =D

Kera foehunter:

can’t wait to see more

ps i love you avatar


Might be able to get more pics up today, finished my standard bearer fully, and have been working on my first rank pretty heavy like.


Very Nice i really like the hammer. What model did you covert it from?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I like the red lighting .It make him look like he in a brothel. he he