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I knew that would grab your attention :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Something I’ve been pondering is what you all think happens to the clothes/ armour that sorcerers wear as the Stone Curse takes it’s toll?

Is the road to the Temple lined with miles of naked sorcerer statues, or perhaps they have clothes and armour attached (i.e. clothes and armour made of metal)?

Or perhaps their clothes turn to stone as well somehow?


Ha, jup, you got my attention (:

Well I assume only the sorcerer turns to stone, not his outfit. but as sorcerers in general are very pouwerfull I dont think the road to the temple is lined with naked statues (didnt dwarfs make a lot of fuss about their gender). as that would upset the still moving sorcerers. looking forward to being stone isnt so very wonderful at least make the statue descend. looking from a practical point of view, I would dress them in armour, as fabric will fall apart all to soon over time.

But as the are stone, nothing is keeping you from baking them some stone/clay armour as well, just make sure you dont heat them to fast as you dont want them to crack. (once again, you dont want to upset the still moving wizards).

Now you got me thinking, as they turn to stone when they miscast, that line of statues will be an interesting line of facial expressions. (:

Thommy H:

Yeah, this occupies my mind occasionally. All the artwork, descriptions and models (i.e. Astragoth) imply that their clothes turn to stone with them. I don’t know how that would work at all - it should just be their bodies and then the clothes (if they continue to wear them) should gradually rot away, right?

I think it’s just a case of “a wizard did it” and the clothes get included just because the alternative is too horrible.

This guy definitely has stone boots, for what it’s worth.


Perhaps their bodies turn to stone, and the ‘statues’ are a type of sarcophagus in which they are entombed?


Maybe they dress them in some clothes, then cast a spell on the clothes to turn them to stone.

The whole turning to stone thing is awkward to explain since once you get above the legs then you lose a few vital organs such as the end of the digestive system, and once it reaches the chest you have lost the heart and lungs. You’re pretty much stuck with “it’s magic” and any attempt to go further leads into breaking the laws of biology (I assume there are laws in biology, since physics and chemistry have them)


On turning to stone; watch the finnish (?) movie ‘The Troll Hunter’ which gives a psuedo-scientific demonstration of turning to stone :wink:


On turning to stone; watch the finnish (?) movie 'The Troll Hunter' which gives a psuedo-scientific demonstration of turning to stone ;-)

It's Norwegian.

And I seriously doubt they'd put naked sorcerers as statues. I'm sure there's been at least one prude enough High Priest boss who decided to sculpt fig-leafs for his former colleagues if nothing else.

In this case "it's magic" seems to be the "answer". Clothes turn to stone.

Plenty of stuff that don't follow much in the way of natural laws in WHFB. Chaos Warriros armour fuse to their bodies, so stone clothes is probably not high on the list of "that's not natural in WHFB".


I’m sure I saw in a documentary many years ago something about clothes becoming attached to people’s skin in the trenches in WW2.  Might just be my imagination though.


I like to think of them as working like the Thing off fantastic 4.  Where his organs become stone like etc but they keep functioning.  Obviously at the end it slows down and stops moving/ functioning.  At which point I would think the sorcerer would stop eating and drinking and be maintained by magic somehow.  The lungs probably pack in about the same time he turns completely to stone on the outside.


That would be cool actually, if they built tombs that were say 10ft tall and had the statue inside. Much more impressive.


Nah, their whole wardrobe, which makes it akward with some of their clothes and all.

Also imagine: “Foolish green skins you dared to field your so called army against my forces? Prepare for death from lava and ash!!! And you, hobgoblin, come here…and…scratch my nose…”

Thommy H:

There was a priest (?) a few hundred years ago who believed bathing was unhealthy (this was more or less the prevailing view for much of Europe after the Dark Ages actually…) and never changed his clothes. They had to cut him out of his robes when he died. So it does happen.

In regards to the organ thing, whenever I’ve written about the Sorcerers’ Curse I generally mention stuff like the extremities turning to stone first, or breathing becoming difficult as the intercostal muscles petrify or something. Maybe it happens differently for different Sorcerers though? So they might get lucky and the feet go first which isn’t that inconvenient, or if it happens to strike the heart or brain first, they’re in trouble…


Sure but in the 4th/5th edition days it seems to always start and the feet and work its way up. Obviously with Astragoth being the best example, as you already know.

I also agree with Snowblizz in a world such as WFB… It’s a magical curse thus there is no need to worry about things like silly internals organs…


That’s a really interesting thought.

If it is a feet up transformation as described in the old army book then there are all sorts of biological implications with regard to internal organs and such like. I feel foolish I’d never considered it before but at the end of the day this is a completely made up universe where it has been said time and again by GW that the “Rule of Cool” is the overriding factor and if it happens to flout a few basic laws of physics/chemistry/biology then so be it.

A nice thing to mull over with a glass of wine now the kids are in bed :slight_smile:



Kera foehunter:

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Looking to buy old stone sorcerers who no longer can do nothing . Perfer the stone ones

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Kera Foehunter

Thommy H:

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Kera foehunter:

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lol  but you know how hard it is to find wood in these parts

Kera foehunter
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