[Archive] Necromunda Magazine - Pulpitek Kitbash


Hi all,

I want to build some vehicles for my Redemptionists, and there was an article in NM#7 on building The Pulpitek (Klovis the Redeemers personal ride). So my question is: does anyone have this issue and is the article worth it? As i am having to cut back on my gaming allowance, i am loath to buy said magaxine at exoorbitant online prices for a 5 page article that might be worthless. So if anyone can give a review/advice I would be grateful.


Vehicles in Necromunda? beh, thats not a game for vehicles.

And Redemptionists suck with their exterminators, go plan cute little Esher girls, thats more fun for everyone (to look at).



Don’t have the magazine, sorry. Loved Necromunda though.


Did you try


yet ?




It looks like something out of "Wacky races"

All I found for it was in Wiki and that was that it has autocannons.