[Archive] Necros' Refurb thread


As implied, this thread will be my refurbished models thread, or the “no-hopers” thread.

As such, it shall be filled with models that have had run-ins with toddlers, floors, pets, and other occupational hazards.

This will be assisted by my new Jewellers’ saw, lots of GS, pins, and this beauty


Anyhow, I’ll start off with my Imperial Lightning Fighter

This is what it looked like when I received it. It had been dropped and the landing pedals, long-barelled lascannon, and wings were snapped. Here the pieces are held together.


However, after about an hour of pinning, GS, and frustration I assembled it (forgot to take photos of this stage)

I had to pin the LBL into place as it was so damaged at the join that the GS wouldn’t set if it was left to glue (the gun was very top-heavy)

I think I’ll just explain the fluff for this as being battle-damaged…


I also had to greenstuff new joins onto the pipes, as the previous owner had attempted to glue it back together with what I assume was shoe glue… Therefore it was missing large chunks up piping so came up a bit short. Again, this is explained as a field-repair.

The start of some weathering can be seen here.


Lastly, here are two pictures showing my proposed colour-scheme.

From above, it should look sort of like water with desert (as fits with my armys’ fluff) while from below it should look like sky. The flash was playing up a bit so I hope it still shows well.

No real weathering has been done yet so any comments or suggestions are welcome!