[Archive] Need help for cheesefest



Doing a 1k5 tourney, no holds barred, everyone is bringing the cheesiest possible army.

So, thought I’d try maxing on magic and war machines.

So… Characters, special and rare look pretty easy.


150 Sorcerer Level2 Power Stone, Power Stone,

150 Sorcerer Level2; Dispell Scroll, Power Stone,

150 Sorcerer Level2; Power Stone, Power Stone,



60 Boltthrower x 2

60 Boltthrower x 2

60 Boltthrower x 2

Total Special = 180


110 Earthshaker.

Core is harder. I know good DZ players use naked hobgobs but I find it hard to manage all those units. Whats the secret?

Looking at:

180 Blunderbusseers x 15: + 1 Sorc

168 Blunderbusseers x 14: + 2 Sorc

for the 2 compulsory

then a choice of

116 Hobgoblins with Light Armour & Shields x 24: Musician, Standard,

60 Hobgoblins x 20:

92 Hobgoblins with Light Armour x 24: Musician, Standard,

20 Hobgoblins x 10

Any suggestions?


Some times ago I run a nice 1500 points list, it was similar to yours.

3 level II sorcerers are great, but you have too many power stones you do not really need, and you lack of magic defense. I think 3 power stones and 2 scrolls are more than enough.

I fielded 5 bolt throwers but 6 are nicer :slight_smile:

My cores are 17 blunderbussesX2 plus banner

and 20 warriors with shield, full command.

I think you need at least one tarpit and warriors are perfect for this role. If you have points you can even pump them up to 24.

Shaker? Dunno, at 1500 points I used bull centaurs with great pleasure… you will not find many things that could stop them :slight_smile:

1 block of 20 hobgoblins full armored without command, another nice fighting unit.

Bring wolfboyz, they are sweet at this level, they are light cavalry, and if there is nothing they can fight on the table they can contend a table quarter for 100 victory points.

Use the remaining points for naked hobgoblins.