[Archive] NEED HELP Need Silicon Molding


I NEED HELP!!! :o I need some silicon mold, have been looking for some for a couple weeks. Can anyone give me a web site that I can purchase some from?

Pyro Stick:

This is the cheapest stuff i have found so far. Just make sure and check that you dont live in a postcode that they dont charge extra to send to live with mine.



I assume you need it for casting figures? Make sure you have the necessary release agents and so forth.


I live in the US so that ebay store wont sell to me, but thanks any ways


Two companies whose products I’ve tried and found to be good:



I’ve never ordered online from them, so I can’t comment on their service in that respect.


Here is everything you need. I’ve bought from here before and they are very reliable.


Kera foehunter:

i know some hobby store sell the Alumilite

they have a lot of stuff they even sell a dvd to show how too

hobby town usa and hobby lobby has it


BAND NERD IS THE BEST THAT IS AN AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, wow breaking cap rule there your just awesome that is best site i have seen. TY! (one of cheapest too)

thanks everyone else for putting in their input


Lol, what can I say? :stuck_out_tongue: Have fun!