[Archive] need help painting horns


start of with schorched brown

then a 1:1 mix of schorched and graveyard

pure graveyard

graveyard and skull white

skull withe

leaving a bit of the last layer showing at the bothem:)



vomit brown

-chestnut ink wash

50:50 vomit brown/bleached bone

-chestnut ink wash

bleached bone

-chestnut ink wash

skull white to pick out the tip.

really water down the bleached bone, and leave a little bit of each previous layer showing when you do the next one.



bestial brown

bestial + little bit of bleached bone

mix + little bit more bleached bone

etc until satisfied or until:

bleached bone

bleached bone + little bit of skull white to pick out the grain of the bone

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d have to see the whole model. I have mostly balck chas warriors and so paint the horns silver. However, if they’re bronze, you could try fading it through copper etc or even into the reds instead. Or have balck at the horn base going into brown (which some horns do).


Red horns by Jakob Nielson http://www.jrn-works.dk/

He also has an awesome CHaos dwarf sorceror, the old marauder one.

zorn sabretooth:

Golds a good coulor


a mixture of red horns, gold horns, bone horns and black horns would look awesome. or, disregard the red horns and mix in the other three.

if you did silver tips, you could even do bronze/brass colored horns too with silver tips… (whatever color you are using for your weapons)


I like to use Khemri brown…then khemri mixed with bleached bone…

then a brown ink wash…then highlight bleached bone and a little skull white at the tips…


Well, any luck?

Post some pics!

Ghrask Dragh:

Things like horns have been made soooooo much easier now thanks to the new washes from GW.

For some smaller horns you can even get away with using just washes, all you have to do is give it a fwe washes of sepia and one final wash of devlan mud over a white undercoat, easy as that! :cheers GW


( its too hard to paint when its nice out side)

Kera foehunter
Is always sunny in Southern Cali, best to paint at night though:)