[Archive] Need help with first 2k chaos dwarf army


Lords & Heroes

Chaos Dwarf Lord (120) - Obsidian Blade (70, Armour Of Gazrakh (30) = 220

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (65) - Level 2 (35), Power Stone/ Dispel Scroll (25) = 125

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (65) - Level 2 (35), 2x Power Stone/ 2x Dispel Scroll/ Staff of Sorcery/ Combo (50) = 150

= 495

Core Units

16 Chaos Dwarfs (144) - Full Command (30) = 174

20 Chaos Dwarfs (180) - Full Command (30) = 210

10 Chaos Dwarfs (90) - Great Weapons (20) = 110

12 Chaos Dwarfs (108) - Blunderbuss’(39) = 147

12 Chaos Dwarfs (108) - Blunderbuss’(39) = 147

25 Hobgoblins (50) = 50

25 Hobgoblins (50) = 50

22 Hobgoblins (44) = 44

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders (110) = 110

= 1042

Special Units

Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket (80) = 80

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers (60) = 60

= 140

Rare Units

Chaos Dwarf Earthshaker Cannon (110) = 110

8 Bull Centaurs (160) - Full Command (45), Heavy Armour (8) = 213

= 323





= 2000

Hi, could anyone comment on this list and give me some advice on what to add in/take out, i’ve only just started collecting Chaos Dwarfs, thanks.


I like the list but I would take away the 10 man CD great weapon unit.

The reason is because I guess you want to use them as a small detachment/flank support

unit. The problem is that they’re not very good at it because of their movement of 3.

Use the points to increase your 16 man unit to 20 instead. You can also get a better flanking

unit for the 66 points you have left, I was thinking 10 two choppa orcs (if yo loose 2 hobgobs

as well) or some other unit that has a M4 and that suits your taste.



I would add a musician to the Wolf Rider unit.

With LD 6 it’s only a matter of time until they run, and the musician will help them rally.

12 Blunderbusses isn’t really enough. You want them to be at least 15.

Personally, I’d drop one of the sorcerors and buy a hero with a great weapon. Have him in one warrior unit and the general in the other. Maybe make him a BSB if you have the points (buy him a sword of might for S.+1 so he can hurt things). That should give your units some ability to rack up non-static combat res.

Use the other sorceror as a 2 dispel scroll caddy.

Get a Warbanner for one of your warrior units. Good value for points.

Your warrior units are too small. 20 is the minimum (imo), maybe more if you think you’re going to be facing a lot of shooting.

Free up some points by dropping the Hobgobs down to 20 each, which should be big enough for a baiting unit, maybe put them at 21 if you’re going to use them as missile shields (21 helps with panic tests - have to lose 6 guys rather than 5).

Probably drop the BCs down to 6 to free up some more points. Maybe lose the command on them as well if you need to free up more points.

Not sure about the 10 guys with Great Weapons. Maybe useful if you can get them into the flank of something, but they only have movement 3… Might not be effective for their points cost.

Also, not sure about the Obsidian blade as i’ve never used it. Seems pretty damned expensive at 70 points.

Overall, i’d say it’s a well balanced list and should be fun to play both with and against. You just need to tinker with your unit sizes to find what works best for you.


Thanks for the advice it really helped, and i see what you mean about the 10-man great weapon unit maybe not being so effective, i usually play as skaven so im used to having a high movement. :stuck_out_tongue: