[Archive] Need help with some ogre head removing


Hey mates :slight_smile:

- I have now for a long time been thinking about - if it was possible to remove the head of this Maneater:


- And replace it with another head? Maybe from the Iron Guts???

- If you have a link to some one who have made a similiar conversion, please post it.

Cheers Mates, I hope you can help me :cheers


If I’m not mistaken the head is seperate already…


If I'm not mistaken the head is seperate already...

Is it..? ohh okat thansk mate :)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Even if not, it should be simple enough to cut through and add another. The joint can be hidden with the chainmail facemask (if it were that Irongut) or with a beard or something. Show us the results soon!