[Archive] Need ideas for chaos dwarf blood bowl conversion


Biggest UK blood bowl tournament next year has banned the us of non GW minis, it is held in warhammer world so its understandable.

So I need ideas, I’m thinking of taking chaos dwarfs but I’m not the biggest fan of their current team. While I have no problems with the big hats the poses are very static and flat. So the standard chaos team is 6 chaos dwarfs, 2 bull centaurs, a minotaur and a handfull of hobgoblins.

I kinda like the blood bowl minotaur allready available=


I have a few of ungors which would work for hobs but seeing as there are beastmen in blood bowl I’m not sold.


It is a nice box for blood bowl players, there are a fair number of arms with open hands and all the shields arms are the opposite arm and don’t have the shields attached. There’s also no indication that a shield would go on it.

I’m think of converting some chaos warriors down to dwarf proportions, but to be honest I have no idea how :frowning:

How about the bulls? I don’t mind using horse bodys and porking them out, I was also thinking of possibly making bull centaurs instead, but all this is just pondering :slight_smile:

Any ideas and examples greatly appreciated, as long as they involve GW minis :slight_smile: