[Archive] Need materials

Grongi Blackbeard:

can anyone post a link of where i can buy plasticard and something similar to green stuff knwn as Apoxie Sculpt


Are you based in North America or Europe?

Grongi Blackbeard:



There is one website that sells what you need but they are in Canada I believe so I doubt they send to ya in the UK but here is there link anyways, hopfully that will help ya.

Link: → http://www.gf9.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=36&products_id=267

P.S. thats to the price of the plastic card. The green stuff you will have to look in the site for. I hope that helps ya.

~Sigose :hat off

Grongi Blackbeard:

thanks i’ll check that out

Pyro Stick:

Just check out ebay. Everything will be there


The best place to get greenstuff is www.greenstuff.com

Your best bet for plasticard would be your local hobby store (not GW). Near enough to me there are 3 places I can get it.