[Archive] Need Skull Pass Thunderers/other stuff for army


Hi, right now I’m after some various odds and ends for my army, so let me list them:

Hellcannon/suitable thing to make an Earthshaker from

Great Taurus/suitable thing to make one from

Skull Pass Thunderers. Like three sets of the ones from Skull Pass- I don’t want command

Wolves of some kind

Bolt Throwers of some kind

In return, I have the Night Goblin characters, the Dwarf Miners, a couple Warriors and one Thane from the BFSP set.

I also have much Battlefleet Gothic. I have an unopened Tyranid Cruiser blister, and two well-painted fleets- Chaos and Imperial.

Lastly, I have a Khador Devastator and a Khador Man-o-War Demolition Corpsmen from Warmachine. Both are assembled but unpainted.

I also have some long OOP Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons miniatures from sometime in the seventies.

Thommy H:

I just got hold of some BFSP Thunderers - but I don’t want to trade them…instead, I’m mentioning it because there’s loads available on ebay. I had about three lots to chose from when I got mine.


Right now I’m a little low on cash, and I’d like to save for some other stuff. I’m mostly looking to trade, but thanks for the offer anyway.