[Archive] Need some advice on a 3000 Point Tourney List


Good evening my Fellow Chaos Dwarfs.

As some of you may be aware, I am taking the troops to battle Tommorrow. 3,000 points is the limit.

Normally, I’m able to whip up a list no problem. However, I find myself running into quite the dilemma this time.

You see, I cannot make up mind what to take.

What I do have as listed that I want is as follows:

1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord

Staff of Sorcerey

2 Dispel Scrolls

1 Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Lord

Black Hammer of Hashut

Armor of Gazrakh

Gauntlets of Bazrakh the Cruel

2 Units of 25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, Full Command

2 Units of 20 Blunderbusses, Full Command

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

1 Death Rocket

2 Earthshaker Cannons


Now, that comes to 2000 points EXACTLY.

So here is my Dilemma. I want a horde army.

LOTS of Hobgoblins, but I also want and need more sorcerers, a hero for leadership, and I also want to take 20 Bullcentaurs into battle. (yes, you read that right, a big arse unit of 20 with a frontage of 7. BC lord goes here)

So here are my Options to add

3 Sorcerers, level 2 with 2 Dispel Scrolls 450 Points

(need to throw a LD 10 hero in here somehow)

20 Bull Centaurs, Full Command, Great Weapons, Heavy Armor: 465 Points

And…the Horde part.

2 Units of 20 Hobgoblins with Bows, no command. 100 points for each unit. 200 points total

2 Units of Sneaky Gits, 20 strong each. No Command. 100 Points each. 200 points Total

2 Units of 20 Hobgoblin Warriors, Full Command, Full Armor. 110 Points each. 220 Points Total

The Idea here is generally speaking, to throw the wall of weak, vunerable, green flesh at my opponents line and watch them come after my hobgoblins. Meanwhile, the Bull Centaurs would line up for a flank charge, and with the Bull Centaur Lord, STEAMROLL through the line unit by unit, and the Hobgoblins could mop up the rest if they don’t outright flee from my intentional baiting.

The problem is the typical Situation. Not enough points to do what I want. So I come to you, my fellow Chaos Dwarfs, for advice. What should I use and what should I not use? I have very devious tactics involving the horde mentality, and I want to somehow fit both them and the Bull Centaurs in.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


sounds good so far

umm… go with the hordes

Uzkul Werit:

The Sneaky Gitz look like a good plan. With no command, I’d use them on the flanks. Just don’t expect them to kill much.