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Hello everyone this is my first post on the forums as I have really just started working on my Chaos Dwarves in Earnest after having joined a campaign. So I have been in the campaign for a while now and am about to bet into my first battle and am looking for some advice. I am looking at facing an ogre army as my first opponent and he does outnumber me a bit. 2500 points to 2200 and I am at a loss as to what to do to have a shot at victory. I have about 20 games under my belt with the Chaos Dwarves and have really found Ogres to be my toughest matchup anyway and in the campaign casualties are a big deal so I really need to minimize what I loose. So given this scenario how do I dish out a lot of hurt to the ogre player with minimal casualties to my own army. As far as what I have to work with. I have one of each warmachine, a Kadaii destroyer, 6 bull centaurs and plenty of Infernal Guard including some with Fire glaives and blunderbuss. Oh and a iron daemon a Taurus a lamasu and about 40 hobgoblins. I have no idea what he has in his army other then the fact that he does not usually have a lot of ranged stuff so no iron blasters. Any advice would be really appreciated


I played against ogre twice, and was quite success full.

Try to take as many multiple wounds war machines as possible (magma cannon is great, especially because of low saves).

try to get the ashstrom on your intended target, which makes them suffering double damage form fire (don´t know the english word right now), and hit the unit with as much flameweapons as possible.



well dude i like playing against ogres with my cd. They are a good matchup for us imho.

If he has no iron blasters the win should be yours.

The most important thing is to get some chaff. I would recommend at least 3 Khans on Wolf without any other equip to save points. If you have some points to spare later on, you can take a unit of wolf riders.

But now lets see how to crush ogres.

Without any shooting you can abuse your flying units. Use a LV4 on a Lammasu or a Bale Taurus.

The Lammasu:

Just take double Death Magic, fly around him and punch him in the face with the signature spell and Purple Sun.

The Taurus:

I would recommend to play the SorcProph on it with the Black Hammer, ToTs, ToP and a magic shield. Use the Lore of Hashut and combine the modell with your Destroyer.

Even the GutStar wont stand against both if ash stormed.

To the warmachines:

If he has no shooting just leave the rocket at home. Take at least one magma cannon, one hellcannon and propably the mortar with you. So when combined with a flying general i would recommend a magma and a hellcannon.

An Iron Deamon is also good to help shooting monstrous infantry, but beware of CC because he cant stomp these. Just use him as a tarpit if you cant avoid it otherwise.

Dont forgett some level 1 mages to babysitt your warmachines, at least 1, 2 would be perfect :wink: Just take fire magic and blast some of his chaff with your fireballs while they stay behind.

For your Core get at least one big unit of IG. Great weapons or fireglaives… its a matter of choice. If you take GW you will attack at the same time as the GutStar dudes and you wound them on 2+… But if you take FG you will attack before them but wound them on just a 3+ think about and decide.

A big block of HobGobs could also slow down the ogres, but they hit hard and so i would rather prefere a 10 men unit of FG dwarfs or 20 HobGob bowmen as a little bit more guarding for your warmachines or as additional chaff.

Just play defensive in gernal. Use your chaff to slow the ogres down and to get the charges and combats you want. Try to combined fight with IG and Destroyer or Destroyer and Taurus if you took one.

In case of the Lammasu just stay as much as defensive as possible and kill his chars and units with your deathmagic. It should be easy to clean the floor with his surviving units.

good luck man :wink:


just one little question: whats a chaff???



Overburden… cheap dispensible troops… troops that aren’t essential for your battleplan.

Most of the time, that’ll be your hobgoblins, wolfriders or hoblin hero on wolf.


Ash storm + magma cannon on ogre blocks then charge in the destroyer.

I also like warriors with great weapons and the banner of eternal flame for a secondary charge.

However mournfang have been my downfall in most games.

Good luck.


I played my game last night and it went really well thank you to those of you that replied. The advise concerning the Prophet on a Taurus and the death mage was very helpful both are things that I would not have normally done.