[Archive] Need some help with 1500p List


Hi as i said in the introduction part im getting a 1500p Forge world list.

And as im only going with FW minis im allso using the experimental rules for them.

Im a Orc and goblins general normaly so a expensive army like CD will be something new to me. And if u got any comments i would love to hear them.

The list will be something like this.

Lord - 250p

1 Mage 250p (no rules for these yet.)

Heroes - 225p

250p (Same as above)

Core - 400p

20 Infernal Guards 11p each and full command.


10 Infernal Guard 15p with guns (Cant remember the name)


Special - 430p

Iron daemon 265p

magma Cannon 165p

Rare - 195p

Dreadquake Mortar 195p

= 1500p

I have no idea how this will do on the bord since i only have 1 20block of warriors and a speed bump in the form of the shooty guys.

And will this be super boring to play with since its 2 Warmachines and a iron daemon hard as nail train XD