[Archive] Need some help with graphics

Lord Archaon:

Hi everyone. :hat off

I was a bit busy with studies lately, so i wasn’t around the site as much as i wanted. I started learning Android platform and it’s developers toolkit and started making my own dice rolling app for wargamers needs. So far i made a few tiny steps to the goal, but now i grinded to a halt lacking graphics to go forth.

The whole idea of a project, is to make an app, that allows a user to drag and drop as many dice (3d6, 2d12 etc) to a dice pool, and roll them with a single shake or button click and put it for free download at the Android market.

I suck at making graphics, so i’d be much thankful if someone could lend me a hand with them. I need some generic images of all kind of dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) without numbers on it and with the same background on each of them, so i can modify them, by adding numbers, which the user rolled.

If someone is interested give me a PM or write here.

Thanks in advance :hat off