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Hey guys not sure what I should do on a little problem. I’m converting a cd army chaos warrior helm style any way here is my problem!

sorcs all have big hats (oldschool models)

helm cd- chaos warrior parts, maurader also

night gob- (hobgobs)

blunder- regular box��thunders small shield blunder

black orcs

goblin wolf- hob gob wolf

hell cannon- earth shaker (could use new cannon models instead of mask)

2 earth shakers- old school

Any way have all the models I need just scared using mask, helms, and big hats gonna look stupid in the same army! Just kinda wondering if i should drop the big hats out and convert hero’s. Going to buy avatars of war goblin and slayer and make them fighting hero’s… but dont know if all these diffrent styles are going to clash in looks. Also I’m kinda more of painter/artistic side type hobbist, so this is racking my brain! Also could just sell the old school hats models and get all the stuff i need to convert new sorcs and death rockets.


I don’t think its bad to incorporate all the styles, infact thats what I do!

All my CD squad champions have big hats, and so does my lord.

my Hand weapon and shield dwarfs are masked.

Blunders have gas masks (ye olde style)

GW armed warriors (aka Immortals) use Helms.

I think it makes the Chaos Dwarf army look more varied like all the lists with army books and give your regiments individuality. And your still WYSIWYG.

Also its hella less boring to convert so many different things.

My GF has just got a digital cam so I will post my army in progress so you can see that it looks fine with all the different styles in.

My Two Cents


cool love to see some pics!


Anything can work, just make sure you keep a cohesive theme in mind when it comes to painting.

Kera foehunter:

There no problem Why buy them if you have them. convert and have fun .Its your army