[Archive] Need support for squad expansion for I.G. army


I’m going to be adding in imperial squats and I can’t remember really what they are all about… I need some ideas of what dwarfs I should posbilly pick up and any input to converting them into 40k standard. :~

Any help would be lovlly! :slight_smile:



I have a WD at home that has all of the old Squat information. They’re basically still living in clans with clan lords, engineers, and all of the basic Dwarf stuff. Think WHFB Dwarfs with plasma weaponry and no Slayers.

Look up Ironhands.com and under miniatures he has some really cool converted Squats, for inspiration.


Thanks! :hat off I will look into when this Wednesday comes up when I get my paycheck. :0


Generally if you’ve got a decent bitz box for your IG you’re sorted. Warriors are possibly easier to convert than thunderers but I haven’t tried either yet so its pure speculation


It’s harder than you might think, actually- you’re going to need to sculpt new clothing, new bits and gubbins or people are just going to say 'ZOMG DWARFS IN SPACE!!1!1!1!!eleven!!1’

They have to look different from Dwarfs with sci-fi guns. It’s hard.


Actlly it won’t be if done right. I figured a idea to cut some of the I.G. leggings down alot and greenstuff them to match a size of a dwarf and give them armour plating peices using more green stuff and use a I.G. top peice with even more altering and then just down the arms a bit by using jungle fighters and rework it enough to match dwarf arms… From there the rest is simple by getting a bolter and adding to the dwarfs use and just paint paint paint. =p

It’s a rough idea that will most liklly fail knowing me but! I am going to give it a shot.