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I got this awesome raging heroes lamassu and now i need a chaos dwarf rider for it. Any has any ideas what model to use as a base for it? I don’t want to use one of the 2 original GW Big Hat riders. Scibor has some interesting models but unfortunately those that I have see so far always had the Rider as part of the animal they were sitting on. That makes a conversion rather difficult. Any other idea what models could be used?

Thanks a lot



you may try to adapt Drazhoath


I had the same problem. Drazhoaths perfect. But as far as I know it is not sold separately.


I will use magnets in my Drazhoaths so I can change his mount.


No bad idea if you have him on a bale ;-).


I’m going through the same kind of problem at the moment, I will magnetize my Drazoath for sure, but what If I want to have x2 SP mounted in one game. Not sure what to do yet… I was thinking maybe buy one of the old Citadel Chaos Dwarfs on ebay and cut him in half, and try to make a lower half for him somehow. Some of those old guys are really cool and characterful and great poses.  Herby’s suggestion is pretty cool those mini’s are nice. They have some riding Pigs too! You could always go the standing route, either standing on top like a Wood Elf or standing on the floor on the base next to the Lammasu perhaps.

Just been on ebay & the Reaper site and searched ‘dwarf rider’ and there are a lot of nice options coming back

mantic badger riders on ebay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dwarf-Beserker-Brock-Rider-Regiment-Mantic-Games-Kings-of-War-Warhammer-WHFB-/321538698081?pt=UK_Toys_Wargames_RL&hash=item4add332b61

and probably my fav so far


Thanks a lot. I think my highest bets are on this one: Reaper Miniatures :: dwarf mounted latest/14136

I just put in an order.

Off topic: Why the heck is it that if I want to order only one single model I always end up with all kind of other stuff in my shopping basket?


Off topic: Why the heck is it that if I want to order only one single model I always end up with all kind of other stuff in my shopping basket?

It's the Reaper Curse! They have so manny cool miniatures, and they cost next to nothing. I always end up with minatures from the Bones line.


Unfortunately they don’t have too many “evil dwarves” stuff. :frowning:


What about these models?

They are all normal foot soldiers but with a little bit of work they fit on the Templedogs:



Most dwarf models have such short legs that you really only need to reposition the feet a bit and it will look as good as one made to use a mount.


The orc warrior legs have some nice plastic feet you could easily chop off to use as dwarf ones on a metal mini, not sure if they are the right size though. I’d love to have a go at cutting up a Marauder mage or a Khazek Doomlord figure, they could be sat in a saddle easily with that relaxed pose they have.


I was about to ask this same question. Trying to purchase Drazhoath separate, as I want to use a lammasu.

But I guess worse case scenario I get to buy cinderbreath


For sure I wont buy a cinderbreath alone for that reason. <br>I think the titan wargames hero (see Zankos post above, the middle one) is a very nice sculpt. One of the fw daemonsmith could probably work also.


I’m going to experiment with making a saddle and using a standing model, but the saddle makes it appear to be sat down. Have a bull taurus and lammasu and two of the fw limited edition models (hellsmith & daemonsmith)