[Archive] Nemesis Character?

Lava Lord:

I had the print-out of all the Nemesis characters that are allowed for regular play too, but I have misplaced only the page with the Chaos Dwarf on it. Does anyone out there have the bio and stats of this character. The character (Battle Standard Carrier) is well worth it for what he does. I would like to have it on hand for any opponets inquiries. GW has erased that part from the Nemesis web-site. Go figure:hashut. Cheers:cheers


If nobody else has the stats handy i’ll scan the whole page and post it here tomorrow.

Lava Lord:

Thanx, I’ll be looking for it.:hashut


I have saved to disk the whole page (with nemesis characters) if you want it, I can archive it and send it you.

One thing - you do know that he’s only allowed in nemesis mega battles?

Below are the rules for Rykarth:

EDIT: You are not allowed to post this due to copyright infringement. If you wish to PM the rules to someone, that is fine. - Hashut’s Blessing.


he was just a CD hero with the armor of gaz and great weapon… same cost and everything…

and the snazzy BSB ability for free…


He was a Chaos Dwarf Hero with the Armour of Gazrakh and a Great Weapon. In addition, he counted as a Battle Standard Bearer.

Traitor King:

He only counted as BSB in Nemisis mega battles.


Lavalord, PM me your e-mail address and i’ll send it to you.

GW posted it for the whole world to see on their forum, so I doubt if they’ll lose any sleep over it.


Is it not this page you are looking for?



Yes, that is the page.

So it didn’t disappear after all…

Lava Lord:

:)Yes Yes, That is it and thanx very much!!! And it does say at the beginning in the second paragraph that if all players agree they can be used in any game. The players I play I know don’t mind as long as I have this reference. Thanx again:cheers