[Archive] [Nemesis Crown] And its all over


The Nemesis Campaign has now ended, with the result expected Friday 17th.

I wanted to thank everyone here who took part, and pass on thanks from Da Warpath

I saw many names in the O&G Leaderboards from our Chaos Dwarf allies. Well done, dark ones. We could not have stayed in the campaign with out you.

The work still continues for a little longer for me, I have yet to write the endgame fluff for the narrative.



Well done to all who participated! We have succeeded in bringing some attention to Chaos Dwarfs! Let’s keeping pushing for more and more recognition.

I will be working fairly hard on my Chaos Dwarfs this week, and will see how far I can get with them. This will most likely determine whether I will be entering that tournament at the bunker. It’s a very busy time with my job and my GF and everything else life throws at us. So I will let everyone know of my progress (which will likely be posted anyways).

Again, well done. And I think a big Thank You goes to Grim and all others who helped with the writing of the Narrative, you guys have done us proud!


Hurray! I didn’t play as many games as I’d have liked (due in part to being banned from my “local” store during a rather inglorious episode in which neither side really understood the other’s view) but I’m still in the top 50 O&G players in the Barren Hills (topped only by Uzkul Werit in the Chaos Dwarf players in that region) and O&G player number 225 worldwide. Hurray again!

I wonder if the heavily burnt forests will have any effect on the final fluff…


I have put in one final request for a mention. The final write ups for each race will hopefully be the biggest yet, so maybe just maybe…

Uzkul Werit:

I did that good? Blimey. I only had the time to play a few games. pats himself on the back

Seriously, well done everyone! We were the true winners!