[Archive] [Nemesis Crown] Chaos Dwarf and Orc and Goblin Alliance acknowledged by GW


Grimgor's anger may be soon be lessened, however, as a column of Chaos Dwarfs approaches his camp, laden with all manner of arcane machineries. Word has it that these dark emissaries may seek an alliance with the Greenskins, though what their price may be, none can yet know.
This came with my newsletter from GW for the campaign.

Grimgor Ironhide is not an Orc known for patience and understanding. In recent days the massive warlord has ascended to a new plateau of rage, so incompetent does he consider his underlings. It is said that the Middle Mountains reverberate with Grimgor's bellows of anger, and few messengers dare approach his camp with anything other than news of victory.

Such news is proving scarce. Grimgor's plan to draw the enemy to battle by setting great swathes of the Great Forest to the torch has proven unsuccessful, as in every case the heavens have opened and the land has been drenched by such a deluge as has not been experienced in living memory. Grimgor's captains have emerged from the forest blackened with soot and soaked to the skin, thoroughly miserable with the knowledge that they must report their failure to their master.

Yet, it appears that a faction within Grimgor's camp have formulated a plan to distract their irate warlord from the failure to recover the Nemesis Crown. Perhaps in an effort to assuage him, Grimgor's shamans pile magical trinkets before his thrown. But this only serves to make Grimgor angrier, for he cares not for such insignificant baubles - he knows that only the Nemesis Crown will draw the greatest of foes to do battle with him. Right now, Grimgor fumes, his foes only laugh at him, and the thought of such a thing makes him even angrier still.

Amongst the bad tidings there has been the occasional glimmer of hope however. A great many tribes have now arrived in the Great Forest, a huge migration having circumvented the Dwarfs' fortifications along the Old Dwarf Road. The greatest bosses amongst these bands has proven to be one Turb Crazy Eye, a Goblin leader who appears blessed by Gork to have enjoyed a stunning run of victories. Many Goblins in Grimgor's tribes now look to Crazy Eye as a leader who might deliver them not from the enemy, but from their master's rage, because everyone knows it's the runts that take the brunt of Greenskin failure.

Grimgor's anger may be soon be lessened, however, as a column of Chaos Dwarfs approaches his camp, laden with all manner of arcane machineries. Word has it that these dark emissaries may seek an alliance with the Greenskins, though what their price may be, none can yet know.


I have been reporting on my Chaos Dwarfs, and the horrible fate of the crew of my Earthskaker. They were sacrificed to the furnace of Hashut due to their weak performance.

So perhaps it was both of our reporting Xander that garered the CDs a mention!

Back to the furnace to craft some new crew!

Lord Zarkov:

Excellent News, finally a mention!


This news has me quite excited! Our efforts have not been in vain! Time to bare down and size up my force for some immediate gaming!

Traitor King:

This was purely Canada though?

Lets keep it up and get recogniton from all over!#

Lets hope they mention us again in the next bit of fluff released.


I suppose it is Canadian. It was written by Dave Noyle.


Frankly, i’m surprised they noticed.

At least CD still seem to be on someone’s radar at GW.


Andy Hoare is writing all the weekly reports, which I believe are the same for all countries.

I strongly believe its not purely driven by fluff reports posted (though they must have had hundreds mentioning our alliance), as I contacted Andy myself and directed him towards our alliance (and a few other fluff things).

I told you the CD wouldn’t be forgotten this campaign :wink:

Now if only the orcs would get a move on… :frowning:

Interestingly, to play down their part, it looks like he’s only planning on introducing a few arcane machines. So hopefully a few of the ones off the HoH narrative will sneak in…


Except they forgot that there are 7 of us CD players in grimsby reporting signed up for chaos (we thought a stronger faction would get us more notice, but the strong army is currently sucking) and even myself as a mainly chaos player are mentionuing CD’s yet there ignoring us:hashut:mad:hashut

:hat off/:mask

Lord Zarkov:

The problem is that with so little about each race they really need to go with the majority, and that majority is CD going with O&G - more players and more regions

The Flying Beaver:

This is excellent! Speaking of the Nemesis crown, I’m the #5 orc player in Canada! :cheers:cheers Perhaps a deciding part in our mention? [/ego]


:cheers CHEERS INDEED! :smiley:


Great news! Very nice to see some recognition.

Also,:cheers have one on me for your achievement Xander ;).

Lord Darkash:

I have added my Dawi to the cause now. though im going to have to only play at my local club as im going to need to proxy (I know, i know) until i get things up and running.

Im signed up as Lord Darkash, might even change my name on here to that, i like the sound of it.

The Flying Beaver:

No shame in proxying, this is Chaos Dwarfs here! Models aren’t cheap or fast to assemble! As long as you’re playing games for the glory of Hashut and slaves are returning to Zharr-Naggrund, everything’s good.

By the way, if you want a name change, just send me a PM and I’ll be happy to do it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

We got a mention! W00t! Well done to all and thanks to all for the mentions. Don’t forget to keep it up so that we keep getting more mentions. Also, thanks Beavey and well done!


Beaver, you make an excellent point. I think I need to rush build some Blunderbusses, just assemble them. I will start playing unpainted at GW. BBs are all my 1000 point list is missing. I can build 18 quick, I should think, hehehe. I am just so busy this weekend with my brother’s wedding, and then next week is Harry Potter 7 release! Ahh! So many commitments!

I need to focus more, and finish painting my CDWs tonight then start those 18 BBs. I will keep my 2nd converted unit on hold until those BBs are done. I haven’t had a really free weekend in a while. But I need to get my 1000 points up and running pronto!

Master Vampire:

Ya I heard of the news. Great stuff for you guys.

Apparantly we the VC have a blatant cheater… some guy playing with Zombie Pirates in the Barren Hills. He had 17 Wins and 1 Draw or something. :0 As an added fact of stupidity, GW put him as the number 1 on the Week 2 Report page as showing deeds of ‘good playing’… Some guys reported him already though. :hat off


could be a combined account, hey you guys should have done that, all of you as one account, it would easly be number 1 every week

Traitor King:

haha! minty that would be insane:

games played: 234 today.