[Archive] Never seen CD - too cool


Hello guys:D

Have You ever seen this? I can’t remember of anything like that ever produced so I think it is a conversion…

but don’t you think it is really cool?!

It is going to be sold on ebay, and the item is in Italy, Rome (not me selling :P)

Would like to know which pieces it was made from (a 40K bit for left arm i suppose)


Hi ,this is the Zargod sculpt though i can’t access the main thread? see another here http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=6209

It was an unofficial CD sculpted by a fan:hat


I Read the entire story, tnx.

Wasn’t around GW Tilea at the time, but yes, it is a matter of fact, though it is an unofficial forum some moderators are also GW employes,

so rules are that you cannot talk/show about non GW miniatures, figure out trying to sell it!!!

Da Crusha:

Anno was responsible for the miniature. you can probably still get this model. a few months ago I asked anno if they are still available and he promptly replied… although I havent seen him much around here lately.


That is a really really nice sculpt. I imagine most Big Hat fans would enjoy having them in their army!


I bought the mini too!

Great and awesome model! :hat off

Too bad that the size is not ideal, the Zargod model is too big/huge (imo)!

So you need a good story to explain the hugeness of Zargod!



So you need a good story to explain the hugeness of Zargod!

That's actually quite easy with the powers of Chaos. They did the same with Nicodemus, an old Mordheim character. Apparently the figure was a test model by a new sculptor but it was too big. Because it was too cool to not bring out they decided he was cursed by a Daemon (he had one wish and wished to be the 'biggest' sorcerer in the world!) explaining why he was so big. :)