[Archive] New 2000 point Army list

Pyro Stick:


Chaos Dwarf Lord riding Great Taurus with Obsidian Blade and Armour of Gazrakh


Chaos Dwarf Sorceror Lv2 with Dispel Scroll

Chaos Dwarf Sorceror Lv2 with Dispel Scroll

Bull Centaur Hero (in the Bull Centaur unit) with Heavy Armour and GW


20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors inc. Command and Great Axes

15 Blunderbuss

15 Blunderbuss

20 Hobgoblins inc. Command with light armour


2 Bolt Throwers

2 Bolt Throwers

Death Rocket


9 Bull Centuars inc. Standard and champion with Heavy Armour


Im not very good at equipping my armies with items etc and i dont know that many so thats probably something thats wrong with this list.


the obsidain blade is worthless… whats the point of destroying armor if you ignore it?

drop it for the Black hammer… or better yet just a great weapon… this lord is not a combat king…

drop levels on the sorcerors for another scroll each…

not sure i get the BC hero… i’d swap him for a Ld 10 general that stays with your troops…

give him and enchnted shield and heavy armor…

your hobgoblins are yucky… drop the armor and shelve the overpriced command…

i thinks thats enough points for an orc unit… or sneaky git unit… or 3 units of 25 hobgoblins…