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Ok here is my list, revised and altered from tips given.


Sorcerer Lord - Fizzgraper - 260pts

w/ Level 4, Black Gem of Gnar

Sorcerer - Angar - 100pts

w/ Level 2

Sorcerer - Bargutz - 100pts

w/ Level 2

Chaos Dwarf Hero - Gilzam - 114pts

w/ Great Weapon, Gauntlets of Bazhrakk, Armour of Gazrakh


15 x Blunderbusses - 210pts

w/ Full Command

20x CD Warriors - 210pts

w/ Full Command

15x CD Warriors - 155pts

w/ Champion, Standerd Bearer

10x CD Warriors - 130pts

w/ GW’s, Champion, Musician

10x Hobgoblin Wolfriders - 190pts

w/ All equipment, Full Command

12x Hobgoblins - 60pts

w/ Bows


Death Rocket - 80pts

10 Orc Arrer Boyz - 75pts

w/ Boss

2x Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers - 60pts


1x Hellcannon of Chaos - 270pts

Ok here is the tactics section-

Sit back, magic and shoot with slow advance.

One Flank

I deploy the three warrior units with the unit of 10 GW armed warriors with the Sorc lord in the middle of the two larger units so when the enemy gets near the two bigger units can move forwards 3" and effectivly stop them from engaging him.

All War Machines are deployed together with the exception of the Hellcannon. Gilzam (my hero) is deployed with the crew of a war machine to counter any flyers or fast cavalry that may get at my war machines.

Other Flank

Obviously the Hellcannon and small hobbo archer unit deploy on the otherside of the battlefield to the rest of my army, from there they can bombard and help and keep away from my more expensive army, I dont have to worry about that flank as nothing will get past the unbreakable Hellcannon.

Also im 21 points over any suggestions where to lose it from?

Uzkul Werit:

Got enough Levels of magic? :smiley:

Nah, the rest of the list isn’t that shooty so it isn’t too bad. The characters are all good. There’s a lack of scrolls but you should be able to wing it with the dispel dice. As for loosing 21pts, drop the bows on the Wolfboyz and that should do the job. Their BS is a little naff and they’re mighty expensive for Light Cav as it is. Finally you may want to take the points for that small, 10 man unit and use them to up the ranks of the other two Warrior units. Five extra Dwarfs for the 20 strong unit and 10 for the smaller one.


Are we allowed hellcannons, well I guess since we crew it. but I suggest just changing to to an earthshaker, better backup effect and dosen’t have a chance of chomping your own troops

One problem with your list in my eyes, your heros are stand back and shoot, the rest of your army is advance and attack based, so I suggest some changes


I’d let Fizzgrapper be your general, since he to has LD10, and replace Gilzam (sorry for saying dropping your namesake) with either a hobbo hero with SoM, the gauntlets and a wolf, just to deal with warmachies that could ruin your day, and swap your bow hobbos, use the points saved by replacing the heckcannon to add a second BB unit


upgrade Gilzam to a lord, and relace the sorcerer lord with a BSB, to keep the army from breaking in combat, and swap the bow hobbos and arrer boys, along with the points from the hellcannon/earthshaker swap to field a unit of bull centaurs


Nice magic hvy list as Uzkul Werit says drop the wolfboyz bows they will have enough to do 30pts there:hat


Thanks for replies, I would have had a Lammasu to deal with war machines but as it is better used as a paper weight I decided to leave it at home.

I agree with the Hobbo Hero on wolf and point taken about the bows, i’ll save Gilzam for 3000pts he is my uber killy hero anyhow. Its just my main opponents are Woodies plenty of Scouts to ruin my war machines, Ogres (wow a scrap launcher) and Skaven (Tunnlers) so you may see why I wanted a hero to help my war machines.

As for the Hellcannon my opponents see no reason why I cant have it so I do and as I like my models to be what they are, I have a Hellcannon so thats what I will use (plus its kinda light hearted when it eats my army)

I’m still looking to make a suitable Earthshaker model, Daemonic mask style, so I can replace the Hellcannon as I too see the advantages of having one (ask Uzkul) aka Hellcannon only taken in 3000+ where I can buy Pedigree Hobbo food for it in masses!


Hmmmm, good model for an earthshaker, I have a suggestion

It’s big, expencive and your already trying to use it wrong in this army;) I’m not saying use it permenantly, far from it but just for now

Uzkul Werit:

Simply remove the bone bits from the Hell Cannon and there’s your Earthshaker. A BSB could be useless but the army needs numbers for it to truely be effective. In 3000pts, I could see the merit but not in 2000pts.

Dark Haven:

I think your list is ok save for a this. I think your CDW units need to be bigger. You need the extra numbers to soak up casualties inorder to still have that +3 rank bonus before getting in CC.

Only GW warriors should be 10-12, Hw/Shield warriors should be 23-25 IMO.

Other than that, not too bad.


Dark Haven