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Been building a CD army for the past few months and wanted to put the theme of the army out there and get any input the community has.  I’m not the most knowledgeable person on the dwarven lore so I want to make sure I’m not way off on certain things.

The idea of the army is they are led by Kyrendal Goldforger, an old dwarf Lord who once led the first army of the dwarven king.  Kyrendal and his army were set in charge of maintaining the relationship with the elves. The following is the account of what happened from Kyrendal’s armies perspective and the perspective of the dwarves. This is just the first draft. Will be going into more detail once I’m sure I’m on the right track.

According to the Dwarves

Kyrendal Goldforger and his mighty golden army were the chosen to protect many of the high leaders and dwarven kings before their great fall.  The golden army was stubborn and steadfast, even by dwarven standards. There was no army that could break them, and no enemy that could defeat them. Kyrendal himself was said to be a close friend and confidant to Snorri Whitebeard, and was even befriended by Malekith and the first Phoenix King. Kyrendal was looked upon as second only to the High Dwarven King, and then he fell. Kyrendal and his armies were entrusted to strengthen and maintain the relationship between the Dwarves and the Elves. He and his dwarven warriors spent much time among the Elves, eating, drinking, and trading. It was at this time the attacks began. Elves stealing from and killing innocent dwarves. The Elvish bloodrage was unmistakable. When high king Gotrek Starbreaker called Kyrendal to his throne for an explanation, Kyrendal and his men began to defend the Elves. They claimed the attacks were a  ploy to turn the Elves and Dwarves against each other by Malekith. Kyrendal stood in the blood of his murdered brethren and claimed innocence on their killers. Kyrendal was banished from Karaz-a-Karak and ventured north. In his cowardice Kyrendal began trading with those dwarves who adopted the gods of chaos. Today Kyrendal�?Ts army is so similar to these evil dwarves that one can rarely tell them apart. Only the old rusted golden armor will separate them. Kyrendal himself has adopted Hashut as his god. Magic can now be seen being used by this legion, as well as the demonic weapons of those who follow the chaos gods. These are no longer our brethren, but our sworn enemy. They should not be seen as lost dwarves, but rather as beasts sent from the chaos gods that need only to be killed.

According to Kyrendal

    Our once mighty and proud force that protected and loved our dwarven kin and King have been turned aside by the blindness and ignorance of hatred. We were once the ones all Karaz-a-Karak turned to for protection, and our leader the closest confidant to the great kings. It was us who kept the alliance with the Elves strong and prosperous, it was us who helped bring the dwarven race from despised to the great power we once were, it was us who were betrayed by all whom we once loved.  Now we are hated and hunted, condemned to these outlands.  Forced to fight, not for glory and riches, but for survival. How many did we leave on the fields of battle for our brethren, how many of our fellow warriors did not live to see the great betrayal. The dwarves turned their backs on us out of ignorance and misplaced rage. The elves refused our aid out if distrust. Distrust, a feeling not expressed towards those you have held in the high regard as the elves showed us for so long. And so we traveled north away from all we knew and once loved. Some will say we should return, they will say it our duty to bring peace to the dwarves and elves. I say, �?oLet them burn.�?� We gave all to each and our loyalty was returned with ire. They equate us with the vile dwarves who traveled too far north so long ago. It is true we have adopted many of the their ways, but not in evil. In a world controlled by magic those who shun it will be doomed to live in slavery of it. We have chosen to harness this great power. The old gods did not stand with us when we brought the truth to the dwarven kings, why should we stand with them now. The dwarves of the south have old and primitive weaponry, forged so long ago. We will bring true machines of power to the field. Let them all burn, and then we will take back what is ours. We will take our home, we will take the glory of our kin, we will take it all.


I like it. I like it a lot! Wish I thought of it, because I too have been looking for an excuse to do Chaos Dwarfs without them being totally evil.

Where did they make their new hold?


This is a novel idea for a “Chaos Dwarf” army, these are basically renegade dwarfs hated by both sides.

I like the idea that they could still be loyal to Grugni/ Grimnir etc but driven mad by their seeming betrayal and forced to do whatever it takes to survive.  The magical darklands would have a way of warping your mind like that, even against all the traditional values.

I should point out here that fluffwise your army would be the oldest dwarf army in existence, by far, unless your army is based around 2000 years ago.

Don’t have my books to hand, but for a dwarf to be alive now that witnessed the end of the war of vengeance would be 3500 years old (guess).  Normal Dwarfs live to be about 600-800 years I seem to recall.

Have you read Daemonslayer?  If you’re looking for a hold to base your army in, Karag Dum would be suitable to explain the major time shift.  I’d need to do some reading about when that fell though.

It’d be far easier to say that your army were all the remaining descendants of those that were betrayed.


Not sure on where the hold would be right now. I’ll check out the Demonslayer book and see how it fits. As for the age of the army I like the idea of saying these are the descendants of the old army, basically saying the current army had only known the betrayal and would be nearly impossible to every return to the dwarven Kingdom. Kyrendal would be the only one, and possibly a handful of daemonsmiths to be from the original betrayal. Their long life has come through their acceptance of magic. Since dwarves have always shunned magic you could say it is unknown how it would change them physically.


Finally getting through a good part of the army as far as pay thing is concerned. Going to post up pics later today if what is finished. Right now a friend and I are running an escalation campaign of CD vs Dwarves. Started in January at 500 points and increase by 500 every month to 2500. Then we are planning a large castle assault game. Teams will be Dwarves and HE vs CD, DE, and ogres. Thinking it will run about 15,000 on the CD side vs 10,000 on the Dwarves side (Dwarves get the castle). We have adapted the mordheim rules for this game in the following ways. Every unit champion that survives a game rolls on a chat to gain a skill or increase a Stat. Every Lord and Hero that survives a game rolls on a separate chart for the same thing. Your general rolls twice. Lists may be updated from game to game, but may not change. That is to say if your level 1 had the dispel scroll in game one your level 4 cannot have it in game 3. Essentially your create your final list and taper it back based on the game. You can take less on guy in certain games. For instance my level takes the chalice in the big list. But in a 2k game he may not take the chalice and might be a level 3. We had to name all the characters and any unit champions to keep up with this easier. In the end I’ll bring 5k of CD to the big battle. Looking forward to it happening. If we stay on schedule that game will probably happen in the summer. Definitely one I’ll try to take pictures of. Like I said I’ll try to post some pics tonight of what I have so far.


Clever army theme, it reminds me of Helblindi’s. Very good background story for the army!

As for age, the Dwarfs as a group couldn’t have survived in the north for too long a time without building stronghold base to weather its migratory Chaos turbulences. As for extreme longevity, Chaos weirdness is always a good cause. :wink:


Nice story and background idea.

My thoughts with this bit

“In his cowardice Kyrendal began trading with those dwarves who adopted the gods of chaos”

I think outrage might be more suitable than cowardice.

And time-line wise. Its not a line. Its a sort of ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey stuff.

Which means they could have been washed over by a wave of chaos and be caused to pop-up where ever you want them to.