[Archive] New Avatar of War Demon Champion available!


The same model its skull taker !

- Awfull posed of the AoW range
- Identical number horns.
- Identical placing of horns.
- The same lame facial expression.
- The same anatomy
- the same feet!
- The same kind of gauntlets
- Of course lots fo Skull's
- Very well sculpted, but very poorly posed.

Actually I think he has one more set of horns on his head, but the first two are in the same style and position.


Well we can argue back and forth about resemlance, personally I don’t think it is any closer to resembling Skulltaker than a standard bloodletter. I’ve decided to order one and paint it up in the same colours as Skulltaker and my bloodletters. I’ll take some comparrison shots when its done and we can settle the argument that way.

Thommy H:

personally I don't think it is any closer to resembling Skulltaker than a standard bloodletter
Yeah...but a standard Bloodletter is a GW model as well...

That's like saying, "it doesn't look any more like a Blood Angel than a normal Space Marine."


But they’re supposed to look like a Khornate daemon. My point (ill expressed I’ll grant you) is that the resemblance between the AoW model and Skulltaker is no greater than the resemblance betweenthe AoW model and a bloodletter.

Thommy H:

But why is that any more acceptable? Is it supposed to be a Khornate Daemon? Because Khorne isn’t public domain, so it’s a rip-off either way. Now, as I said in the other thread, the IP-violation aspect of this doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I just wonder what the point is. Or rather, I know what the point is: to make money. There’s no problem with wanting to make money, but when it comes at the expense of creativity it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Shock horror I find myself agreeing with Tommy Faints

Thommy H:

I’m not sure why everyone keeps being so surprised when they agree with me - I’m actually pretty much always right about everything.


I just found that the new AoW Demon Champion is available!

Imo it's a quite cool miniature but for my liking it's not innovative/extraordinary enough -
the pose and the painting of the model looks too much like an ordinary GW Demon! :~

Exhibit A as to why GW needs to get their "Ship" together. Cool find.


The idea is - “there’s a gap in the market for generic heralds for Daemons of Chaos armies, why not produce one?” Felix was originally a GW sculptor who was uncerimoniously ditched in a ‘last in, first out’ type affair. It may not be the most original sculpt in the world, but there are plenty of people producing lots of different ‘original’ lines. AoW provides a different service and it’s one I’m very greatful for. I’d have liked a more dynamic pose sure, but in all honesty isn’t every Avatar of War sculpt a blatant rip off of Games Workshop? Look at the Brian Nelson style Orcs and Goblins for example.

Felix could easily have gone off and designed some totally original stuff, but he’d have fewer satisfied customers as a result. It may have less artistic integrity, but as long as he creates further, superior, generic character sculpts that fit right into my armies’ ‘style’, I’m not complaining.

Da Crusha:

I think this one looks soo much better than skulltaker. not “exactly the same” at all.


AoW are currently making their first plastic set, don’t know what race yet.  Really hoping for it to be slayers.

They’re also releasing a lizardman hero, sculpted by Rikard of Trollforged fame.

As far as AoW and GW imagery, I think there are plenty of companies making things that are completely different to GW.  For Felix to be tapping into GW success is only natural, it’s what Mantic are doing so successfully as well (not quite so much now they are developing a game system).