[Archive] New Campaign (fan made) Join as CD

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

New campaign that is fan run by the Da Warpath site.  Animosity 3 is the name and it takes place in Araby.  

  Their are 4 factions Covenant of Shadow (bay guys), Army Uv Da Godz (greenskins along with my chaos dwarfs), Imperial Merchant Council (Empire and dwarfs), and Araby Reclamation Pact (mercenaries and Bretonnia).  

  So basically join anyone you want but CD can have a presence in this campaign so join the Army Uv Da Godz.  Sorry if this is the wrong place I just want more people to see it since no one looks at the Campaign forum.  

Click Here

Lord Archaon:

The link was already posted here :cheers

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

ACwell this one tells you to join as chaos dwarfs and kick some rs. Now start registering. The Army of Uv Da Godz needs ya.

EDIT: No new recruits?  Hashut is ashamed, maybe I should go look for a bunch of goblins and snotlings to carve out the Chaos Dwarf Arabyan Empire!!!


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