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Alright. new to the site. Been reading a lot of the topics on here and had a bunch of questions

1. what is the iron deamon. it intrigues me in what it can do. in the book it says fires like a cannon, so does that mean it shoots artillery dice worth of shots . then do they bounce a cannon?

2. the troops seem hardy and they cn take a lil beating, but obviously they are overpriced. what do you use for chaff to slow opponents down, or for redirecters?

3. the hammer that kills if the model is flammable, is this after saves? and at what str. the models?

4. so far i am liking the magma cannon, the destroyer, the lore of hashut, earthshaker mortar. am i missing anything? not to sure about the rocket launchers, how viable and accurate are they?

i write having not playing a game with CD, my exp is mainly with a tourney build DE, did very well with them. so i am loking for achange of pace…

Thommy H:

  1. The Iron Daemon’s rules are fully detailed in its Bestiary entry. Pages 176-177 of Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos.

    2. Hobgoblin Cutthroats would be the obvious choice for chaff. Hobgoblin Khans on giant wolves are ideal for redirecting.

    3. If it Wounds a Flammable model, they’re killed outright. That means it actually has to Wound the model, not just make a successful To Wound roll. So yes, after armour saves. I don’t understand the part of your question about the model’s Strength.

    4. Those are the main decent things in the book. Some people rate Fireborn pretty highly too, but almost every build you’ll see is based on a Sorcerer-Prophet with Lore of Hashut, as many Magma Cannon as possible, a K’daai Destroyer and one or two Infernal Guard Deathstars with a BSB Castellan. That’s pretty much how to play with this army.


Hi jäger. Welcome to the site. Thommy gave lots of good advice but my advice would be to ignore it and look at the link to his own rules in his previous post!