[Archive] New Chaos Warriors by Forgeworld


A friend of mine told me that forgeworld intends to publish four books for the warriors of chaos/daemons, one for each god.

they practically create a WHF expansion.

I understand that the expansion takes place after storm of chaos, Karl Franz is dead and every god will come from a cardinal point, Nurgle comes from the east, north Khorne, Tzeentch south and Slaanesh from the west.

the first book is Nurgle and since it is from the east will also have units of chaos dwarves as allies.

some pics:

the first and second pics are concepts of the book, the third is the cover of the book.

the guy in the middle is tamurkhan/tamurkin, he is the chosen of Nurgle and has the power to take the form of anything kills (he is instead a colony of worms or something like that)

other pics:


I like the concept of the approach of the armies from each side, but the King is dead!!! LONG LIVE THE KING!

-although, yeah pictures up elsewhere already.

Thommy H:

Uh…yeah, I think this may have been covered elsewhere.


ops… sorry very much…


Interestingly, we haven’t really discussed the Nurgle chaos warrior command models here.

I think although these are nice models, they don’t really feel nurgle to me.

Thommy H:

I dunno - they look pretty snotty to me. One of them appears to have a tree hung with putrefying heads growing out of him.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d say the middle one looks very similar to the shape of the bloodletters and that all three look more like daemons than mutant warriors.

Lastly, IMO, Tzeentch should be East because he features heavily in Cathayan lore…


I’ll pick up that Nurgle cmmand to at as a command group and herlad for my plague bearers. Much nicer models :slight_smile: