[Archive] New Dark Eldar


Since I didn’t see anyone bringing it up:


I like 'em. Wouldn’t play them but they are certainly popping out some nice models lately :slight_smile:


I like, but has a hint of the Matrix to my eye.


Hmmm, not sold on the mixed wing types, I do like both of them, just not sure if i like them both in one unit.


They can be used to create a special character from the warriors of chaos book and the models look cool. I might get a box of them, one to convert and the other ons just to paint.


I’ll admit it I love the new dark eldar range however I would have preferred to see more insect style wings on the swooping hawk type models and I do think that they can easily be fixed and or imitated specially with the new dark elf range or even mantics elves. The new talos ROCKS the whole house!!!

Da Crusha:

is it just me or does the parasite engine look like it was ripped off from warmachine? looks like it a cryx warjack if you ask me.


@da cusha: I agree - first thing I thought when I saw it as well.


@da crusha

But this does look like GW are set on continuing there range of large high quality plastics, which I have nothing against, now who’s going to convert it into something chaos dwarf esq first?


The new DE are simply beautiful, I used to play them when they first came out. The new line almost make me give Warhammer 40.000 another shot…


Agree on New DE being awesome except the beastmaster stuff.

Like the bat wings a lot more than the feathers. Like the tentacle talos more than the rest but overall I think i prefer the sleeker, less wierd old one.