[Archive] new evil dwarf fantasy miniature range sculpted by bob olley!


so i wrote to bob and told him about this site and mentioned quite a few of us would be interested in buying some ‘evil’ fantasy dwarfs from him and he has promised to give it some attention, using this site for inspiration .

for anyone who doesnt know bob he sculpted for gw in the early days and is amazing, especially at sculpting dwarfs and goblins! i think kev adams also works with him occasionally now too . i spent hours looking at his site last night , the psychic scrunts and new nemesis gobbos impressed me a lot so i thought id ask him on the off chance if he could do some stuff for us and he wrote back saying he will get on it early next year

heres his site Olleys Armies Wargame Miniatures Home Page . his prices are more reasonable than gw and i think a new evil dwarf range would be very successful

so this thread apart from anouncing the news , is for anyone who wants to pledge support , to place ideas, requests and links to previous threads, rules developments etc, anything which you think bob might find useful when designing the new range :h

heres some of his work - psychic scrunts

Uzkul Werit:

Most of those minis seem to be Dwarfs of some sort.

Kera foehunter:

yea im in heaven sweet pirate dwarfs.


yeah bob is famous for his work on stunties, or scrunts as he now calls them. he designed some of the 1st squats for games workshop back in the day. IC501 - Imperial Guard Squats

who better to make a new range of chaos dwarves for us

Father Grumpmas:

Great idea contacting Bob directly - he did the Iron Claw Gothic Dwarfs which have a bit of an evil look to them.

I for one would buy evil dwarfs from him - he does good goblins too.


These are the most adorable dwarfs I’ve ever seen.

Wow, So seriously amazing.


Sweet! Would buy some from what i saw on the site he does great work!

Kera foehunter:

Does anyone know if he has a U. S. site ?


i dont think so hes in somerset in the south of england near where im from . if you want anything from him and cant get it due to postage restrictions - just place an order through me if you like and ill ship to the states as a favour

Kera foehunter:

Well pm me when you get a chance.

thanks kera


big hats!, BIG HATS!


Big hats would be too GW, he wouldn’t risk it


maybe we should have a poll


i dont think so hes in somerset in the south of england

That's around where my brother lives.

Good idea to contact Bob Olley, iamahobgoblin. Methinks you deserve some slaves for your trouble.


thanks man ! lets hope he does something cool for us all !

Kera foehunter:

wallacer your lucky.Road trip!!!