[Archive] New Evil Dwarfs and Mongoblins from Troll Forged?


Have a look at this new thread over at Warseer: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=228958
Khabuldashudeth has done one evil dwarf (with an optional big hat head!), a “mongoblin” chief and a mongoblin warrior. Usually he sculpts for Troll Forged, so lets hope they also get released. He is open for suggestions for future sculpts :wink:


awesome minis

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Quite nice. They’d look good in a hobgoblin-dominated CD army.

black hammer:

The minis look amazing but the dwarf seems a bit small compared to BFSP one.


Yes, the sculptor was aware of it after sculpting (see Warseer thread), that’s why he showed the next unfinished body which is larger. Actually, there is nothing wrong with different sizes in a regiment, looks natural. And Bighats are always smaller than normal dwarf miniatures if you remove the hat.


As discussed here:


Although he didn’t show the goblin like sculpts there…


As discussed here:


Although he didn't show the goblin like sculpts there...

Khabuldashudeth (or Brijoh in this forum) just confirmed that they will be available in resin or metal some time in the future.


Its an explosion of chaos themed minis these days. Now if GW can just make some official rules…

Kera foehunter:

i do love the green stuff work !! the cd is so cool ! but i love the wapond and goblin better


The sculptor has confirmed that the face masks are underway, the hand weapons are complete (hammer and axe), shield arm is begun, the great weapons need a slight bit of work, the big hats are optional and there should be pictures tomorrow.

He’s also doing ‘bovine centaurs’ and wondering if he should be worried about GW’s legal department…


He's also doing 'bovine centaurs' and wondering if he should be worried about GW's legal department....
I shouldn't worry too much, there's far worse offenders out there. Gamezone and Avatars of War are just as cheeky, they seem to be doing fine. There's also no reason to call them Bovine or Bull, just call them war centaurs or something, they would be heavily built anyway :)


The goblin is so nice !!


The goblin is so nice !!

Here's another one then ;)

Well, its one of the old ones, but finished.

Uzkul Werit:

I’m liking the face on the Chaos Dwarf.


Your chaos dwarf are - as stated elsewhere - awesome - but the mongoblins are even better. Awesome, awesome sculpts :cheers


Stopped by at TFM Forum today and found these updates to the Mongoblins

I’m pretty certain, that a unit of these will find their way to my army :smiley:


Yeah this Mongoblin is definetly ace! :sick

They will make some different variants of them!



I love them! :hat off

Pyro Stick:

I really like the mongoblins. I might get a unit for my Night Goblin army. have any of the models been cast yet?


Jep, the monoblins are pretty cool. a little too small for hobbos, but they look great so who cares. I especially like the shape of their head.