[Archive] new GW terrain


once again they made a new peice of terrain, and once agian, i like it:

so what ya think?
:hat off

EDIT: scroll down the page, and you’ll find it.:wink:


Nice, when I ever build a new table I am definitly going to buy some GW scenery. :slight_smile:


Nice, when I ever build a new table I am definitly going to buy some GW scenery. :)

yeah, me too.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

so what ya think?
:hat off

I think that ruined tower will have to be mine soon. :)


It’s nice but a bit expensive for me:(


Very cool. I don’t even have a gaming table at home, so won’t buy one, but very nice nonetheless.


I really should build a new gaming table, now that I have a garage and own the house, its should become a ‘games room’

lets hope my son is into Warhammer :smiley:


I’m probably going to buy Witchfate Tor, but only because it can be used in RPGs. Its a nice piece, being modular and all. I’m in Baggranor’s boat right now - with no gaming table at home, but I spent most of this year’s “disposable” income on a Geek Chic Emissary table, which hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m gathering stuff to put on it when it gets here.


the tower is nice, the rest can be skipped.

But I love the terrain list in the army book. Allready build a lot of the crazy stuff for a tournament and I must say the effect on the battle is great. shooting at a unit near a wyrding well is hopeless. and the sinister statue, sorcereres portal, magic circle, Idol of Gork/Mork and the Arcane ruins are great to have on the table (:


The Complete Tower pieces are a tad pricey, but I think I’ll still get it.

The ruined tower, for a Mordheimer like myself, is a must-buy.

Border Reiver:

Looking at these pieces of scenery made me go - “must get.” I love the tower, and making it modular was a stroke of brillliance on the part of the sculptors.