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So as I said I’m new to Chaos Dwarfs but not the forum or Warhammer. I’ve been playing Warhammer (Skaven) for about a year now and 40k (Tau) for about 4 months. I’ve been looking at Chaos Dwarfs for about half a year.

So my idea with my Chaos Dwarfs is an expidition into either the peaks of World Edge Mountains or into Northern Kislev/Prauge area. I love russia and I really like CD’s so I thought why not mix the two?!

So, I would like to have my CD’s in trench coats first off, and then a twist of the tall hat theme would be the tall russian fur hats.

I was also wondering if it would be at all posible to say that some kislevites would join my force or contribute in some way, most likely citizens of Pragg.

Color scheme wise I was thinking like a brown (trench coats and hats) mixed with a saphire blue (metal/armor, weapons??? mabye)

(I feel like I’m going all over the place) Also I was thinking of a corrupted Rhinox to stand in as a great Taurus. Say it was they were taken in by the CD’s and over time changed or were breeded that way?

Just like the dark elves corrupted their mounts the CD’s would do the same with the Rhinoxes.

These are just some of my ideas. I’ll be getting modles soon (within a month) and I’m super excited about getting started so and adivce, comments, or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks:hat off


Really good ideas you’ve got there.

I’m glad your excited thats always good.I have a soft spot for trench coats, being worn by CDs just adds to both their awesomeness.

Heres a model that sprang to mind when I read description.

Not my favorite but might work for you.

edit:By the way welcome to CDO, enjoy your stay.


Welcome Breaker17,

that moscal minis came to mind to,but i see kered was faster then me.i dont like scibors style for dwarfs,but it could work for your idea

of course you can use kislevitians in your army.they could count as hobbos,see no problem for that

thats the good thing about cd,you can do what ever you want


Hey Thanks a bunch both of you that is awsome!! It’s pretty much exactly what I had in mind. Also the war bull on that website will work well too.

Any thoughts on the color scheme? Also what do chaos dwarfs use for pack animals I want to have a cart full of rockets for my doomrockets just to make it mor realistic. Have the cart of rockets being pulled by something either as part of the crew or just for show. And on top of that it would be good for secnarios.

Thanks again for finding that.:cheers


Welcome to the site Breaker17 it good to have you with us :slight_smile: I really like your idae for a russian CD army, a good idea for pack animals would be Black orcs as the cds use them for all the heavy grunt work they would work really well and also fit in with the back ground fluff


you also could use a rhinox as packing animal,fluff wise it also would work,because of cd tradeing relationships to ogres

it also would fit the theme,cause it looks like an animal from a very cold part of russia(like sibiria :wink: )


Ok that will work fine, I’m think I’ll have two Black orks pulling a wagon of rockets with a hobo with a whip sitting on top.

Thanks again for all the pointers and advice.

Has anyone heard of Grey Stuff? My local hobby shop carries it and I was wondering if it was anything comparable to green stuff?


depends on the stuff really,

i’ve got some putty that’s grey, its for some reason hairy. :~

i find it good for bulking before green stuffing, but it takes about 24-48 hours to dry properly.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Nice to meet you!

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