[Archive] New High Elf Models

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t have pictures of the High Elf models due to come out. However, GW has revealed here that the army book is staying the same and which plastic sets are NOT getting changed.

The most disappointing thing, in my opinion, is that they aren’t changing the spearmen, although they’re bearable, but the sacrilige is that they aren’t updating the god-awful archers. Once upon a time, they were quite decent, but now they look ridiculous, bland and more than a little stupid.

However, something to consider is that they will possibly make Lothern Sea Guard (which can be used as spearman - although surely that would simply replace the current box of spearmen?), but are probably going to make plastic White Lions of Chrace, more than likely Swordmasters of Hoeth and, I would imagine, Ellyrian Reavers.

Other models to consider them making in plastic are Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe (which could more than likely be used as archers). I can’t think of others from the top of my head, except perhaps Phoenix Guard, but I think that they’ve aged quite well (at least compared to the archers :smiley: ). Any further thoughts?

Gar Shadowfame:

plastic swordmasters and see guards are in IoB so i doubt they will do those, but white lions and some cavalry sounds reasonable ( not reavers though as they are in IoB)


I highly doubt they will change any of the plastic kits in the Batallion (Like, at all).

So probably not a Sea Guard sprue. I can imagine my brother’s got his fingers crossed for plastic Dragon Princes, but personally I’d like to see plastic Shadow Warriors and White Lions.

EDIT: I should have probably checked the link first :stuck_out_tongue:

Gar Shadowfame:

i sinceely belive in plastic dragon princes 5 in a box at the cost of other calvary


The new plastic models are:

White Lions

Dragon Princes

Phoenix guard

Also a metal hero on eagle I believe.

I’m sure I heard they are making one of the IoB heroes separately as well.



Ahem I mean darn pointy eared pansies, we’ll slave them all!


Grim - Is that confirmed somewhere or is it just an educated guess.


Hmmm much as I grind my snaggly tusks at the prospect of HEs getting new plastic models, they may be corrupted into my new Dark Elf army… I do hate the Black Guard models after all…


Backed up. I was wrong about the hero on eagle, it seems it was the one on foot.

4 Plastic Box Sets. All plastic White Lions, Dragon Princes and Phoenix Guard. (Backed up by Harry)

The fourth box is a new battalion, including 20 Archers, 20 Spearmen, a Repeater-Bolt-Thrower and a High Elves Chariot kit. The labeled price is 90 �,�.

2 Metal Box Sets - no solid indication what these are.

2 Blisters - GodlessM tells us one is a Prince on foot. This will be a metal sculpt of the very same prince as in Islands of Blood. His name is Althran Stormrider. Nothing on the second blister.


Good to hear that they are doing plastic white lions and phonix guard they are going to be a must for my army :slight_smile:


I hope the pheonix guard are up to scratch though, I really like the metal models and it’d be a shame for them to go backwards as they have for the horrors. New White Lions have been needed for a while…


Most of the phoenix guard I had have been melted down into Chaos Dwarfs over the years. :slight_smile:

I was never really that keen on their helmets.



*Ahem* I mean darn pointy eared pansies, we'll slave them all!


*ahem* i mean, Yes we'll enslave them all!:mask


Melted down Grim? I’d have thought new metal would have been cheaper than melting down models.


I figured if I wasn’t going to paint them I might as well put them to good use :wink: I probably could have sold them and bought metal cheaper.