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Hi everybody!

I will buy the “Throne Of Tamurkahn” rule book soon, but I can’t for the moment, it doesn’t mean that I want to wait before converting some Hobgoblins, but I have some questions.

Can you, with the book, tell me what are the optionnal choices (Weapon, two handed weapons, bows, shield,…)

What kind of mix can we do with them and is there a limitation about the number of units of Hobgoblins we can have in an army.

Thanks you all !


Time of Madness:

If you search around all these answers are already on the site. I’ll help you out though.

Hobgoblins are 20+ per unit (minimum size)

They can take shields, bows or extra hand weapons

I’m not a fan of the expensive wolf riders! They shouldn’t have included the rule that if they took a shield they were no longer fast cav. That’s a 7th edition rule that should never have been included.

Time of Madness


I checked on the list that a french mate post after reading the beta version on Golden Demon France, but I wanted to know if there were modifications about it. I checked but didn’t found anything, my apologies for the useless thread…

But anyway, thanks you for your answer ! :slight_smile: